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Everything You’ll Love About the EXO-M Reate Gravity Knife

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Looking for a new gravity knife for your collection? Do not miss a chance to get more familiar with the EXO-M Reate Gravity Knife. It’s one of the best OTF gravity knives on the market right now.

Here’s what we confidently believe you’ll love about it.

Smooth As Silk, Easy to Deploy with One Hand

Some OTF knives are a lot smoother than others. The blade deployment on the EXO-M Reate Gravity Knife is smooth as butter from the get-go, minimally affected by pocket lint (according to actual users), and very easy to operate with one hand. It’s right and left-hand friendly, too.

The Slide Lock Is Very Strong

One common complaint about OTF knives, including gravity knives, is that the lock mechanisms associated with them are, shall we say, lacking something.

You can’t really beat a crossbar style lock or frame lock for strength, so some people feel that gravity knives and other OTF knives are somewhat gimmicky.

But the EXO-M Reate Gravity Knife is not a gimmick. It’s for real and it has a very strong “slide lock.”

Basically, you slide the frame of the handle up at an angle, then let the blade fall out. When you slide the frame back into place, a protrusion around the shoulder of the blade locks into a slot in the steel frame.

It’s very, very strong, as folding knife locks go, a rarity among gravity knives. Also, you can lock is open or closed, another rarity among folders.

Easy to Carry

Another thing to love about the EXO-M Reate Gravity Knife is that it’s easy to carry thanks to its reversible pocket clip that allows for right or left deep carry; it’s tip down since this is an OTF, but would be considered tip-up on any other folding knife with a pivot mechanism.


Both the EXO and EXO-M are made with super steels. In the case of the latter, they are commonly made with CPM-3V steel.

If you’re not familiar, this is not a budget steel. CPM-3V contains .8% carbon, 7.5% chromium, 2.75% vanadium and 1.3% molybdenum.

That’s plenty of carbon to take and hold an edge, enough chromium to resist corrosion, and plenty of vanadium and molybdenum to stand up to abuse and wear.

Fidget Friendliness

How else can we say this: these Reate knives are extremely fidget friendly and one of the most common user comments is about how fun, even addictive, it becomes to fidget with them, playing with the lock and action of the pivoted frame.

Cool Factor

Last but not least, this thing is dripping with cool factor. In a world where everyone else is carrying classic folders, you can be the guy carrying an OTF Reate Gravity Knife.

Plus, it has two edges. Not really practical, right? But pretty cool.

Is There Anything Not to Love About It?

Some users complain it rattles, but let’s get real. Are there any OTF knives that don’t?

Where Can You Pick Up an EXO-M Reate Gravity Knife?

Check out White Mountain Knives. They carry this Reate Gravity Knife and many other top models from Reate.

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