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Facts That Make Goodman 5-Ton AC Work Smarter

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Ah, summer. Beach months. And Barbecues
But it’s not for everybody.

You realized you’ve gone through far too many long muggy days this season and yet you haven’t made the move to upgrade your AC. Air conditioning has changed the way we live through the scorching season of summer and with the latest innovation in air conditioning technologies, you are significantly left out not being able to fully enjoy the hard-earned money you have been paying for electricity bills if you’re still using the old technology, that is.

Two-Stage Operation
Goodman 5-ton AC features high-efficiency two-stage scroll compressor. This means the air conditioner has two levels of operation prepared to make your life as comfortable as possible. High level for hot summer days and low level for slightly warmer days. The low level is just enough to address the comfort requirements of a household while removing humidity. Not only that, a two-stage unit runs extended duration and generates more even indoor climate, an indication of increased system efficiency.

Note that, a single-stage air conditioner operates at maximum power and then turns off. This indicates a limitation on efficiency creating indoor climate fluctuation inside the premises.

Two-Speed ECM Condenser Fan Motor
Before, AC motors were used as the principal air driving force, but since they run continuously at full power, they’re deemed inefficient most of the time. Luckily, Electronically Commutated Motors (ECMs) were developed to bring out a better range of maneuverability.

ComfortBridge Communications System
The Goodman 5-ton AC is compatible with ComfortBridge technology which continuously observes system performance to guarantee practical use of energy used to heat or cool your premises.

High and Low-Pressure Switches
The Goodman 5-ton AC has a high-pressure switch and a low-pressure switch that protects the compressor and refrigeration circuit from working at exceptionally high pressures if not, freezing. The HPS restrains the system from working too much by shutting off the compressor circuit while the LPS prevents the refrigeration system from freezing all the way to the compressor.

If either one of these switches trips, the air conditioning unit will shut down.

Factory-Installed Filter Drier
Water may be produced from trapped air, leakage and others.
Filter-driers come in and make everything all better again, they are the core element in all air conditioning systems. It is the component that absorbs moisture, preventing acids and mold build-up. Its knack for removing water from a refrigeration system is the ultimate function of a drier.

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