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FAQs About Government White Papers

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White paper, specifically a government white paper, is a term that is used more frequently than it is well-defined and understood.

Let this short guide answer some of the prevailing questions about these official reports and the industry in general.

What Is the Purpose of Government White Papers?
Historically, government white papers are official government reports that argue a specific position and offer solutions for a particular problem. The paper organizes the perceived causes of the matter at hand, as well as any factors that influence it. It also prescribes the manner in which the regulating authority might best implement policy to influence or resolve the issue.

Though the purposes of these government white papers vary, official white papers are published with the purpose of raising awareness about issues, informing the public, and outlining a strategy for a solution.

The term “white paper” originated at a time when official papers were color-coded for distribution; the white ones were those intended to be circulated publicly.

Today, white papers are a common marketing tool used by corporations, private companies, and nonprofit organizations to educate and persuade the general public and prospective customers.

What Sectors and Topics Do Government White Papers Cover?
Government white papers cover all public sectors as well as a wide range of topics of special interest.

These include but are not limited to:

● Artificial Intelligence

● Blockchain

● Education

● Military

● Information Technology

● Infrastructure

● Public Safety

● Security and Cybersecurity

● Science and Technology

● Healthcare

● And much more

Can You Publish White Papers?
Anyone with access to the requisite information can draft and publish a white paper, although only entities affiliated with the government can post official government white papers.

White papers have become a prevalent marketing tool for all business entities to educate, offer solutions to problems, and influence the decision-making process.

What Are Some Good Resources for Government White Papers?
There are several resources available for those interested in researching official government reports, such as the National Archives and some government-funded educational institutions.

GovWhitePapers.com is another resource that is dedicated to making government white papers and supporting industry literature easily accessible to the public and private sectors. GovWhitePapers maintains a large database of eBooks, infographics, case studies, and of course white papers among its educational resources.

Membership to their website is complimentary, enabling you to find relevant content among their many resources and post your own content for free. Custom promotional options are available to help expand the reach of your content to the government community.

For more information, or to peruse some of their latest publications, visit their website via the link above or get in touch here.

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