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Features of the Sirona XG 3D System and Benefits for Dentists

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The Sirona XG 3D panoramic and cone beam system combines the features and functions of 2D panoramic imaging and 3D cone beam technology into one single multi-purpose dental X-ray machine. While providing consistently high-quality images, the Sirona XG 3D system emits the lowest possible radiation dose for complete peace of mind for staff members and patients alike. With its dedicated 2D panoramic technology and flexible small and medium field of view (FOV) 3D scans, the Sirona XG 3D is the perfect choice for most general dental practices, especially those placing dental implants.

The Sirona XG 3D system is easy to use and operate and allows for easy and quick patient positioning for a stress-free dental exam, less patient movement, and reduced risk of image retakes. Panoramic images can be easily integrated into your existing imaging software with a simple TWAIN interface, while cone beam images can be managed by Sirona’s advanced 3D imaging software and tools.

The Sirona Orthophos XG 3D dental X-ray machine has many impressive features, including:

Medium FOV Cone Beam: Sirona XG 3D includes both small and medium 3D FOV CBCT to accommodate most any general dental or implant exam while minimizing radiation dose to the region of interest. Select the 5 x 5.5 cm small FOV mode to capture localized exams of a single tooth or quadrant. Enable the HD mode for high-resolution images for even more accuracy and precision required for endodontic and other exams requiring greater detail.

Choose the larger medium 8 x 8 cm FOV to capture the patient’s entire dentition, ideal for creating surgical guides, viewing impacted teeth, or any other single or dual-jaw application.

Dedicated Panoramic Imaging: The Sirona XG 3D system includes dedicated 2D panoramic X-ray technology. Some dual-purpose machines simply extract a panorex image from a 3D scan, requiring you to capture a dental CBCT for every patient. A dedicated 2D sensor means you can acquire a low-dose panoramic X-ray whenever a 3D cone beam scan is unnecessary, ensuring that your practice adheres to the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) principle.

Most Sirona Orthophos XG 3D systems also include the innovative extraoral bitewing feature, providing a more convenient, efficient, and patient-friendly alternative to traditional intraoral bitewing exams.

Optional Upgrades: Like most Sirona Orthophos systems, the Sirona XG 3D can be upgraded by the manufacturer to include a cephalometric attachment if and when your practice is ready for orthodontics. Capture a variety of ceph images including Lateral, Posterior/Anterior, Anterior/Posterior and Carpus views.

Planning Implants is Easier with Sirona XG 3D Systems

With the Sirona XG 3D panoramic and cone beam system, dental professionals can plan implants and treat patients more efficiently and confidently than ever before. You can trace and visualize nerves in full color, and view relationships with other teeth and anatomical structures in three dimensions and from any angle for more predictable treatment outcomes. Plus, the included diagnostic and treatment planning tools allow you to more effectively communicate and collaborate with your patients, ensuring higher treatment acceptance and continuance rates.

What’s more, Sirona XG 3D integrates seamlessly with CEREC systems, allowing you further streamline your practice workflow with in-house surgical guide and milling systems. Scan, plan, place and restore your patient’s smile with the full range of Dentsply Sirona systems.

Find Sirona XG 3D Systems and More at Renew Digital

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