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Get Started with a Beginner Unicycle [Just in Time for the Holidays!]

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There’s no time like the present to learn a new skill, and there’s no time like the holidays to give the “present” of a unique gift that makes it possible!

Challenge yourself to ride a one-wheeler and enjoy all of the athletic benefits and recreational enjoyment that come with it – you just need a new ride!

Beginner Unicycles
It’s really the measurement of an individual’s inseam length that determines the best size of a unicycle, but all the same, beginners should start out with smaller unicycles, similar in size to freestyle models but less specialized. Check out some of the beginner unicycles online at to make a selection for a beginner!

Getting Younger Beginners Started
Many of the beginner unicycles available online at come in kid-friendly sizes. For the youngest learners, they have both 12 and 16-inch unicycles, but they also carry a number of unicycles in larger sizes, suitable for kids between the ages of 8 to 14, 12 to 16 years, and older!

Starting a younger child out? Consider a model like the Club 16 Inch Freestyle unicycle. It’s recommended for riders with an inseam length of at least 22 inches, and while it’s not for jumping or advanced freestyle, it’s a tough little ride. It features a steel frame, single wall aluminum rims, and cotterless cranks.

Adult Beginners
Adult beginners will need larger beginner unicycles, all things considered.

Try starting a beginner out on the Nimbus II 20 inch unicycle, which is suitable for beginners with an inseam length of at least 25 inches. Not too big or too small, this unicycle is the perfect size for learners who will appreciate its relatively forgiving handling and maneuverability. It’s also built tough, with a steel frame, double wall anodized rims, and ISIS cranks.

Taller riders might do better by the Nimbus II but in the 24-inch configuration. With a minimum recommended inseam length of 28 inches, it’s better for taller riders, and like the 20 inch Nimbus II, it’s tough, with a steel frame, double wall rims, and ISIS cranks.

Adjust Saddle Height to Accommodate a Beginner
While minimum inseam lengths give a good guideline for sizing recommendations, the final adjustments will need to be made by adjusting the height of the saddle and cutting down the seat post if necessary.

While all of the beginner unicycles mentioned here take 28.6mm seat post clamps, sells larger and smaller models, as well as the seatpost clamps themselves. They offer both quick-release seatpost clamps and bolted models, in 28.6mm and 31.8 seatpost clamp configurations.

Remember to make final adjustments to saddle height for comfort and control, so you can start off a learner on the right foot!

Don’t Forget Safety Gear!
In addition to the unicycle itself, make sure you start a beginner out with the proper safety gear. The bare minimum is a helmet, but it’s also advisable to wear adequate footwear, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards. Some even prefer the added protection of full leg armor and wrist guards.

Looking for a new beginner unicycle before the holidays or just a new 31.8 seatpost clamp? Visit or call them today at 678-494-4962 and they’ll get you started.

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