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Get the Best Butane Fuel for Cigar Lighters Online

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The hobby of smoking cigars is not for everyone, but people who do like to partake in the act of smoking a cigar know that, to get the full experience, you must have all of the necessary accessories. Some accessories are pretty predictable, like an ashtray or a cigar cutter, but other accessories might not seem as obvious.

Although it may not seem obvious, it’s very important, in order to smoke the cigar in the way that it’s intended, that you invest in a quality butane fuel to fill your cigar lighter with. But, what even is butane fuel? And why is it commonly used for cigars or cigarette lighters?

Butane Fuel for Cigar Lighters

Butane is a colorless, flammable liquid that is commonly used for any household lighters for things like cigarette lighters, gas grill lighters, long candle lighters, or in this care, cigar lighters. Basically, any common lighter you can find at the gas station or convenience store is most likely filled with butane gas.

Now, when purchasing a cigar lighter, you will probably have to also purchase extra butane lighter fluid in order to refill your lighter. There are many great cigar lighters available for purchase that allow you to refill them with your premium butane fluid.

When filling your lighter up with new butane gas, it’s important to be mindful of what you’re actually handling. Not only is this gas highly flammable, if it comes in contact with your skin, but it could also potentially cause frostbite, so it’s pertinent to handle your butane with caution. Also, please make sure it does not get into your eyes because it could potentially cause permanent eye damage.

By purchasing your own high-quality cigar lighter, you are going to be able to save money by just having to buy the refill of your butane gas, and reduce waste by keeping the same lighter.

Now, where are you able to find the best butane fuel for cigar lighters, as well as the cigar lighters themselves. Sure, you can go to any gas station and buy a cheap, colorful lighter for a few bucks, but they’re disposable and easily run out of lighter fluid.

Next time you’re in the market for a new butane fuel refill or a new cigar lighter, check out Rocky’s Cigars.

Why Rocky’s Cigars

Rocky’s Cigars is the best one-stop online shop for everything and everything you need for cigar smoking. You are able to choose from a wide selection of different, high-quality cigars, cigar bundles, cigar accessories, and lighters and lighter fluids.

This online and in-store shop based in Upstate New York is the only cigar shop worth buying from. They fully stock their store with everything you need and more.

Looking for the best butane fuel? Try out the 400 ml of Lotus Butane they offer on their site. This brand of butane fuel has been rated a top pick by experienced cigar smokers alike and is a great way to light your well-loved cigars.

To go with your Lotus Butane, there is a great selection of attractive and useful lighters on Rocky’s Cigars that will nicely accompany your butane lighter. No matter if you prefer a torch lighter or a traditional lighter, you’ll find everything you need at Rocky’s Cigars.

They have an experienced team of knowledgeable cigar aficionados that will be able to help you with anything and everything you need. Visit their website at rockyscigars.com or give them a call at 888-216-5834 to ask any of your pressing cigar questions.

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