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Glock Mags: Easy Disassembly

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Not all Glock magazines are the same, and so not all Glock mags can be used interchangeably. There are single and double-stack mags, for instance.

But they are all similar enough that they (for the most part) break down and disassemble in the same manner.

Here’s how you can take apart one of your Glock mags for cleaning and general maintenance.

There are special Glock mag tools you can use to break down these mags, but if you don’t have one you’ll need a pin punch that’s small enough to fit through the base plate and engage the retainer pin.

Flip the mag over and look at the base plate. There will be a small hole in the bottom of it.

Insert your pin punch into this hole to depress the retainer pin, then put your thumb on the back of the base plate and press it forward; it will only pop off towards the front.

You’re going to need to use some muscle to do this, as the base plate is held there under some pressure.

If you’re having a hard time removing the base plate, try squeezing in on the sides of the magazine around the base plate to help you remove it.

There are two recesses at the edge of the base plate and two flanges at the base of the magazine that correspond to each other. These fit together quite snugly so it takes a bit of force to remove the base plate from the mag body.

Keep your thumb over the base of the magazine as you remove the base plate or else the floor plate and spring will want to shoot out the bottom.

Remove the floor plate and spring and place them aside. The follower will come off attached to the top of the mag spring.

When reassembling, be certain to perform these steps in reverse order.

Orient the spring and follower so that you insert the follower first and ensure it is facing the right direction.

Depress the spring, place the floor plate over the base of the spring, and slide the base plate back over the base of the magazine until it clicks into place.

Again, this will take a little bit of force.

Why Do You Need to Learn How to Do This Anyway?

You might be wondering why you should even learn how to take apart a Glock mag and put it back together in the first place.

Consider this: magazine maintenance is one of the most neglected aspects of firearm maintenance. Most everyone cleans their guns, but few people clean their magazines.

Dirty magazines will not feed smoothly, can cause jams, and will eventually fail if neglected for long enough.

Learn how to take your Glock mags apart and clean them from time to time to protect your investment.

Need New Glock Mags?

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They carry a wide range of magazines including bundles (and ammo) and they often feature weekly specials and police trade-in deals.

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