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Great Reasons for Seriously Considering an Upgrade to Interior LED Bulbs

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For any of you that have shelved your desire to upgrade your vehicle with interior LED bulbs simply because you thought it would be too much trouble to do so, get ready to breathe a sigh of relief.

The internal LED bulbs available at Diode Dynamics have been produced to the requirements of a wide range of popular vehicles and optimized to deliver superior performance to their incandescent counterparts. Best of all, many of them can be easily swapped out in a matter of mere moments.

1.They last so much longer
Without a doubt the biggest potential draw towards automotive LED interior lights is that they last so much longer than incandescent bulbs. Long lived incandescent light bulbs can sometimes scratch 1,000 hours. LEDs last ten times longer than this, and some LEDs can last upwards of 25,000 hours – leaving incandescent interior bulbs in the dust.

2.They’re more energy efficient
LED interior lights for cars and trucks share this feature in common with exterior replacement bulbs. The truth is, interior and exterior replacement bulbs, like map lights, dome lights, door lights, brake lights and tail lights, are all much more energy efficient than incandescent alternatives. For what it’s worth, they’re more efficient than halogen alternatives as well.

This is less taxing on your vehicle’s battery as it ultimately equates to less power that’s drawn, but it, coupled with the previous benefit, means that your lights will need to be replaced less frequently as well.

3.LED lights are better for the environment
Since you’ll need to replace your interior lights less frequently when you switch to LED light alternatives, you’ll basically end up contributing less waste to the environment, but there’s another draw to LED lights.

Most LED lights are made with environmentally friendly components, which means that they can often be recycled. Even if it weren’t for this, there’ll be less of them ending up in landfills, anyway.

4.The right replacements are available in a wider range of colors
In case you’re concerned about the availability of different colors or even color temperatures, worry not – there are plenty of interior LED replacements available in many different colors and color temperatures. This will free you either to match or improve on the quality of the light output to which you’ve become used.

5.They have the potential to be so much brighter
Additionally, when you choose the right LED lights for replacement, you can upgrade with superior light output as well. The interior LED replacement lights available at Diode Dynamics are not only longer lasting and more efficient than incandescent alternatives, but they’re also available in multiple brightness levels. This gives you the ability to upgrade the performance of your interior bulbs as well.

6.Upgrading to interior LED bulbs can be surprisingly easy
Finally, and most importantly, is the fact that in this instance you can make upgrading to LED lights remarkably easy. While it might seem as though you might need new electrical fixtures or fittings or even wiring, you don’t. In fact, many of Diode Dynamics’ interior LED lights have been specifically designed to serve as plug and play replacements for the incandescents they replace. They fit right into the old light socket when you take the old one out!

To learn more about these unique interior LED bulbs that serve as ideal automotive replacements, visit Diode Dynamics at You can also find much more useful information online on their YouTube channel and keep up with news and developments by following them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

If you still have questions about how to make replacements, get in touch with their customer service team directly at 314-205-3033 or by email at [email protected].

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