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Here’s What You Should Look for alongside Airsoft Guns for Sale

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The sport of airsoft, especially competitive play like MilSim, requires a finely attuned skill set and a large assortment of supporting gear. No one simply waltzes into a weekend-long match with nothing but a single airsoft gun and no supporting gear. That would be madness. Prepared is what you need to be, and this is how you do it.

  • Bring plenty of spare loaded mags and ammo
    One spare loaded mag is not enough, even with a capacity of over 400 rounds. It seems like that’s plenty until you’re actually in the heat of a match, and as frazzling as CQB engagements can be, some of the highest and most reckless rates of fire take place when you’re trying to cover a position. Suppressive fire eats up ammo. Bring along not only several loaded mags (keep them in your vest) but also bring along a canister of BBs and a speedloader as well.
  • Bring a spare charged battery (or a few) along with extra gas canisters
    The type of “fuel” you need will depend on the type of airsoft gun you carry, but unless you’re toting a spring-powered airsoft sniper rifle, there’s a good chance you have an AEG and a green gas-powered pistol in tow.

That means you need to carry along several (charged!) batteries as well as quite a few canisters of gas. You can prepare with all the ammo you want, but if you can’t shoot it, it won’t do much good.

  • Protective gear is a must
    At the absolute bare minimum, you will need to protect your eyes with approved glasses; this is imperative for all types of airsoft engagements and you should wear eye protection even when you’re plinking in the yard. Beyond that, you can choose what you want, but a heavy pair of tactical pants, good footwear, a jacket, and a vest, and a thick pair of padded gloves won’t do you wrong.
  • Supporting tactical gear is important as well
    In addition to protective gear, supporting tactical gear could save you or your team in a match. Carry along a multitool for field maintenance on your airsoft guns, a knife for impromptu shelter making, fire-making supplies, and water as well as the ability to carry it and purify it. You could need any or all of these things at any given time.

Beyond that, what you’ll need will vary according to the specifics of the match, but these are some of the things you should look for in addition to airsoft guns for sale.

It’s important to note that this list constitutes a bare minimum. If you enjoy competitive play, you need to at an absolute minimum consider spare propellant or batteries, extra ammo, and protective gear when you are looking for airsoft guns for sale.

That’s not all you should be looking for. What you should do is carefully evaluate your needs as a player as well as the circumstances in which you will be playing. For example, if the match will be outside in the winter, you will want warm clothing along with protective gear and you might also want to pack some reliable fire-making accessories.

The airsoft guns and gear you need to compete effectively will vary with your circumstances. Assuming that you’ll be best served by a supplier that has the most of everything and great prices to top them off, then visit MiR Tactical at MiRTactical.com.

They have a huge assortment of airsoft guns for sale along with essential attachments, accessories, and supporting tactical gear. Everything is priced to please but it’s all covered by a price match as well, and all orders get free shipping too. Check out their collection and give them a call at 800-581-6620 if you have any questions!

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