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Highlighting the Superior Features of the LED Off Road Lights Available at Diode Dynamics

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If you’re looking to add auxiliary lighting to your off-road vehicle in the form of LED off-road lights, Diode Dynamics has the selection in lighting performance that you need to see more clearly at night and be safer – on and off the road. These are some of the top picks from their collection.

LED Off-Road Light Bars
While many other LED light bars use CREE LEDs, Diode Dynamics’ Stage Series Light Bars “raise the bar” with lighting performance and optical focus. Utilizing Diode Dynamics’ proprietary TIR (total internal reflection) optics, they direct and focus all of the light output where you need it, delivering a beam of light that appears more sharply focused and even brighter.

Their Stage Series Light Bars are available in sizes ranging from 6 inches all the way up through 50 inches and are available in both white and amber colors. They’re also available in a range of beam patterns, including SAE driving, SAE fog (wide) and flood light patterns.

They’re also built tough, with a matte, powder coated extrusion that protects them from the elements, and are resistant to corrosion, moisture intrusion and even vibration. Their slim housings enable low-profile mountings, and Diode Dynamics provides vehicle specific mounting kits for a variety of vehicles, enabling (in many cases) mount that do not require permanent modification.

Many of the mounts available for these LED light bars are designed to mount to your hood or bumper, which is perfect for illuminating the area in front of the vehicle, whereas some others are perfect for mounting at the rear, for use as a worklight or auxiliary spotlight.

LED Light Pods
Diode Dynamics also produces LED Light Pods that can be used as LED off-road lights, ditch lights, fog lights, spot lights and more. Their Stage Series 3 LED Pods, like their Stage Series Light Bars, are highly versatile.

These also feature a tough, powder-coated aluminum construction and, like their Light Bars, are resistant to moisture, corrosion and vibration. They’re also available in a variety of configurations, including flush mounted, angled, standard and round, and Diode Dynamics produces vehicle specific kits for them so they can be mounted and put to over 100 different applications.

Like the Stage Series Light Bars, these lights also feature Diode Dynamics’ TIR Optics for superior optical performance and are available in white and amber, and with a variety of beam patterns. Some of their SS3 LED Light Pods are available with spot patterns, as well as SAE fog/wide patterns, driving and combo patterns and flood beam patterns, each of which is useful for different applications. These light pods are highly versatile and can be used as fog lights, as supplements to your high beams, as spot lights or work lights, and much more.

To find vehicle specific mount kits for either of these off-road lights, visit DiodeDynamics.com and investigate their vehicle finder tool. There you’ll find all the tools you need, including instructions for mounting and installation, so you can learn how to add them to your vehicle.

If you still have questions, you can always reach out to their customer service team at 314-205-3033 or by email at [email protected].

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