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Hirschmann Connectors: Their Types and Applications

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When it comes to automation, every piece of the puzzle is a necessary element that requires specific deliberation and adherence to its requirements. While large machinery needs to run smoothly in the automation industry, it’s equally true that the smaller components need to operate seamlessly, too.

One example of smaller yet readily available parts in this particular industry is connectors, specifically the connectors from Hirschmann. Let’s take a closer look at Hirschmann connectors, including what types there are and why they matter.

What Is Hirschmann?
Hirschmann is the industry leader for manufacturing high-quality industrial network solutions. Hirschmann is a brand that belongs to Belden, which was incepted over 100 years ago. Belden began in 1902 as a cable company but has since transformed into designing and manufacturing wires and other products.

Hirschmann is one of many successful brands that is a part of Belden. It provides unified data communication solutions for industrial automation settings. They continually aim to vastly improve operational reliability in even the harshest of industrial environments.

One product line in particular that Hirschmann creates for such industrial settings is their connectors.

What are Hirschmann Connectors?
The industrial connectors from Hirschmann provide more reliable and strong electrical connections so that any and all operations can run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The connectors from Hirschmann have a variety of series types to choose from.

CA Series
The CA Series of connectors from Hirschmann are circular supply connectors and come in options of 3 pole + ground and 6 pole + ground. They are made for use in harsh conditions and can effectively withstand vibration and impacts. This series is exceptionally useful in pneumatics, manufacturing, traffic control, hydraulics, and photovoltaics.

CM Series
The CM Series consists of circular control and supply connectors that have anywhere from 3 to 17 poles. They have been rated for 50V and 10 Amps, while they also meet the MIL-C 5015 military standard. These are ideal for manufacturing, traffic control, hydraulics, and pneumatics.

G Series
In contrast to the two aforementioned series, the G Series are rectangular supply connectors. They have several options in the number of poles with ground from 2 to 7. They have copper alloy contacts and are most convenient for tight spaces, as they are compact. They’re typically used for actuators, sensors, voltage supply, underground applications, and various small devices.

NR Series
The NR Series has the capability of offering plated contacts made of either tin or silver. They withstand high levels of vibration and offer space-saving housing. As for poles, they have ground with either 7 or 12. The NR Series is especially suited for connecting shield cables and with both network and control cable connections.

ST Series
The rectangular connectors in the ST Series are ideal for several versatile applications, such as signal transmission, building automation, manufacturing, and power supplies. They have exceptionally high durability and high load-bearing capacity. They offer 3-6 poles with ground and can have either tin or silver-plated contacts.

Where to Buy Hirschmann Connectors
When you are looking for the most high-quality and dependable Hirschmann connectors, you need the best and most reputable supplier possible. That’s where Major Electronix comes in. They have a vast supply of these connectors and an extensive catalog of other practical parts for automation. Give their customer service team a call today to get started at 800-966-2345.

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