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Horse Jewelry: Symbolism and Power

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For the longest time, symbolism has been an integral part of human existence. Symbols play a dynamic part in the practice of personal expression and we utilize thousands of them every day.

Symbols of power, love, and strength connect us together and provide a common voice that grants upon us a unifying principle. Different cultures and countries depend on symbols, some infused with enchanting power, to bring together, defend and join those who believe in or belong to their group. The symbols found in jewelry speak of visual variety as well as multiple interpretations.

Horses on pieces of jewelry, for instance, symbolize speed and virility, character and power, grace and beauty.

In this case, having horse jewelry means you have the capability to alter anything and everything you want in your life. Moreover, it means that the strong independence of this spirit can be utilized and used for your benefit and those that surround you. This belief comes only when man and animal enter a silent agreement accepting mutual respect and awareness of the obligation to each other.

Keeping this in mind will give you an understanding of the power and the glory of an undivided family and humanity. Everyone must follow an avenue to acceptance before galloping upon the wings of inevitability.

The Horse symbolizes freedom, and this energy is embodied within horse jewelry. Those with this spirit animal will always find themselves on a new adventure. This symbol will train you to ride to new destinations and uncover your power and autonomy. Horse totem individuals are normally friendly and free-spirited. If you have this jewelry, you must liberate yourself from known limitations.

You must constantly ask yourself as to whether or not you need to move on or let others disengage. This animal will teach you how to ride to new destinations to revive and rediscover your freedom and power.

White Horse Symbolism
In select cultures, white horses symbolize the equilibrium of wisdom and power it stands in for an incarnate divine teacher. They are the teacher of spiritual development and are proficient in the arena of intellectualism and reason. This spirit animal has control over its emotions and indicates true justice. Also, this animal marks the coming of a spiritual period in your life.

Black Horse Meaning
Black horses signify ultimate power to get the better of odd situations. If your spirit beast is a black horse, you can depend on him to go through tough times. In addition, they never hesitate any challenges.

Therefore, they will give you the strength to gain triumph.
The black horse symbolism is both audacious and death-seeking. In other words, it means death and resurrection. It symbolizes the conclusion of things and the commencement of a journey.

Spiritual jewelry has always been an embodiment of honoring the body as well as a way of cutting across into the true spirit of the universe. If you’re looking for a piece of horse jewelry to symbolize your power and beauty among others, take a look at the variety of horse jewelry selections offered by Energy Artist Julia to meet your needs.

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