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How Can Rheem Air Handler Provide Both Home and Water Heating Comfort

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What Is An Air Handler?
In the most direct way possible, an air handler is a device that works to regulate and circulate air from the heating and cooling system, distributes it to the ductwork ventilation system and then throughout the premises. Air handlers that are commonly used in most residential areas have three terminal units called air filter, coil, and blower. The blower circulates air in and out of the ductwork while the coil is important to heating and cooling modes. They are also typically installed in well-ventilated areas.

Air handlers function to control the temperature of the air before it spreads through your ductwork ventilation system. It pulls warm, moist air in from the return ducts to the coil. The coil then absorbs heat and in turn cooling the air. Then, it goes back to the blower. The blower then does what it’s supposed to do, it blows the cooler air out to the ducts and grates providing a cooler, more comfortable living space. Air handlers also help provide a warm climate in your space. The air passes from the refrigerant, releasing heat to your coil, creating a very hot environment for the air. The blower then blows the heated air to the ductwork and into your living spaces.

Home Heating & Water Heating
When choosing an Air Handler for your home, choose the one that could heat your home with a water heater. They are called Hydronic Air Handler, they heat air equally, so nice warm air is distributed to the vents. The hydro pump carries water from the heater to the coil. The cold air from the house is then pulled into the blower and gets heated by the heating coil. Warm air is produced, it then gets carried all throughout the ductwork of the house.

Which Air Handler Brand Should I Choose?
With tons of air handlers in the market, you’re probably looking to buy one for your home. So, you most definitely want to pick the one that defies all the specs of the other air handlers out there. But how do you choose the best air handler that does the job right?

Before you start scouring the internet for air handlers sold online, think about the requirements you have for the unit to do its job. Will it fit the space where it should be installed? Is it easy to install though? Rheem Air Handler is pretty much designed for easy installation with wall-hanging brackets inclusion making the installation easier.

Rheem Air Handler offers both air heating and hot water comfort for your home. Powered by Tankless Technology, Rheem Air Handlers offer both comforts from a single source. This unit is also built to last very long with a unique drip pan that protects your home from damaging condensation.

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