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How Decyl Glucoside Is Used In Cosmetics

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When creating your own beauty and skincare products, it is critically important that you know your ingredients. You have to know what products you are working with, what they do individually, and how they interact with each other. This is the kind of information you need in order to properly formulate products so that they do what you want them to do and they do not cause any adverse reactions. That is why you need to start off with appropriate ingredients, combined well with each other, and tested thoroughly in order to avoid any complaints from users. The more you know about each ingredient, the better. Even if you are not a chemist, or the one in charge of creating and testing formulations, it is good to know the basics about all kinds of ingredients that get used commonly in cosmetics products. One such ingredient is decyl glucoside. If you are at all interested in creating bath and body products, this is a good ingredient to learn about. Let’s break down some of the most basic information you would want to know about decyl glucoside before you begin using it in your own products.

What Is It?
Decyl glucoside is a type of surfactant, which is often used to help clean substances like the skin. They are common ingredients in cleansing products because of their ability to help cleanse surfaces of foreign substances. Decyl glucoside is also plant-based and biodegradable, making it an attractive option for those looking for something that is environmentally friendly and safe to use for the planet in addition to the skin. At this point, it is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient in body products from brands that are trying to skew more in the direction of natural ingredients instead of artificial ones like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Unlike SLS, which can be quite drying to the skin and even irritating to some people with prolonged use, decyl glucoside is a very mild, gentle ingredient that is easy on the skin.

What Is It Used For?
Because it is such a mild ingredient, decyl glucoside will often be used in products geared towards sensitive skin including body washes, soaps, face washes, and even shampoos. You will often find it in baby products for this exact reason. Babies and small children have incredibly sensitive skin that requires gentle, but effective ingredients. Going back to the point made above, you want to create products that are safe and will not cause any unfortunate reactions to the skin. Gentle ingredients like decyl glucoside can help to aid in creating such products. People of all ages can have skin sensitivities and need gentle body products to help them take care of themselves.

While this may not be the most thorough and comprehensive study of decyl glucoside, it should be effective in delivering the most basic information that would be valuable from your point of view. These are the most important details that you would want to have on this ingredient before you go ahead and decide to use it in one of your products. Since it is an ingredient found in many baby products, it is quite common and a good one to know a bit about. If you have any interest in creating body wash kinds of products, this quick rundown was for you. All that is left to do is to buy some decyl glucoside and start working with it in your test formulations. It is very accessible and you can buy some in small or bulk quantities at, along with other surfactants and ingredients that are used in personal care products.

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