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How Friendly Vegetable Derived Glycerin is to Sensitive Skin

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Typically called Glycerol or Glycerin, Vegetable Glycerin is a glutinous liquid made from oils of soy, coconuts, and palm. The extraction of Glycerin started in the 20th century and was widely used in the food industry. To be able to extract Glycerin from vegetable fats, the plants that were mentioned would undergo heating under pressure. The whole process is amplified with the use of lye causing glycerine to be separated from polyunsaturates, and when mixed with water, will form a sweet viscous liquid. They have historically replaced alcohol and were mainly used to add as an artificial sweetener to lots of food products.

Utilized in Skin Care
Today, Vegetable Glycerin is utilized not just in the food industry but in cosmetics and pharma as well. When mixed with other skincare ingredients, Glycerin would boost its efficacy and will improve the smoothness of your skin. They have a super moisturizer characteristic that helps the skin retain its moisture, stripping away a few years of your face and body. You may also mix this substance with your bath so you can soak in a bath-induced Glycerin leaving you with soft and supple skin. There’s no need to worry about potential allergies as Glycerin is also good for those who have very sensitive skin who needs something mild and cannot cause a further breakout.

Protects our Skin
If you haven’t noticed yet, winter air causes your lips to crack and your skin, dry. To remedy this, a moisturizing lotion is applied topically on your skin, it locks in moisture which ultimately helps keep your skin hydrated at all times. And for putting its full potential to use, you can use a Glycerin-induced moisturizing lotion every after a shower so you will still look fresh and moisturized. And if you have a crack or wound in your skin, Glycerin-containing products help promote wound healing fast.

Cleanses Skin
You might wonder how come Glycerin is used in facial cleansers to cleanse off dirty oils. It;’s important that you do not clog your pores in the cleansing process, to do that, use only Vegetable Glycerin-induced facial cleansers. Fine lines and uneven skin tone are eliminated. It’s almost like cell regeneration, regulates oil production, and eliminates pore congestion.

Animal Friendly
Before the 20th century, Glycerin was commonly extracted from animal fat which is not very ideal in terms of the beauty industry. Nothing should die for our skin. If you have Vegetable Glycerin in one of your skin and hair care products, you should know that no animals were harmed upon making these products. Much like genuine fur which industry dedicates an animal farm only for harvesting minks and fox pelts.

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