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How Important Are RV Stabilizer Jacks and Levelers For Your RV Adventures

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Oftentimes, with the absence of levelers, people would use stabilizer jacks to level their RV. This should not be the case. What these people do not know is that using RV stabilizer jacks to level their RV could even cause significant damage to their RV’S frame or under chassis. It’s clear that stabilizer jacks are meant to stabilize your RV and not level it—hence, the name.

Before we move on, let us first discuss the difference between leveling and stabilizing. By RV life definition, leveling your RV is not a choice. It is necessary and should be done correctly right away to avoid further damage to the frame and structure of your RV that could cost you a fortune to have it fixed or replaced. You probably won’t like the idea of being rolled over to the corner at night because of how you set up your RV at an inclined angle.

When we talk about stabilizing your RV, it means it’s not going to easily wobble as the wind blows its hardest or if people are walking around inside. It’s annoying when you’re walking from one end to another and your RV just seems to follow your step forward and back. When this happens you can check on the following things you should have done right after you have parked your RV on the campsite.

Stabilizer Jacks
This tool is essential for stabilizing your camper so you won’t experience weird movements your RV does while walking around inside. It’s a metal arm that you should place in between the bottom of your RV and the ground from where you’ve set up camp. Stabilizing your RV once you’ve reached the campsite should be done right after you’ve leveled the RV and wedged in wheel chocks to avoid potential accidents.

Although, there are top-end RV’s nowadays with built-in stabilizer jacks that, in a single press of a button, enables the RV to stabilize itself. However, technology could fail unexpectedly, and it’s never wrong to come prepared. Even when you have the best RV in the state, you should still pack extra RV Stabilizer Jacks to be safe.

A properly leveled RV is a great step towards a safe road trip. While you’re only concerned about things rolling towards a certain corner of the camper or stuff falling off the shelves, fires and other costly damages could happen if your RV is not properly leveled.

It is also important to have a good night’s sleep at a campsite so you’ll have tons of energy to spend when you decide to move on with your road trip. You can’t do this of course, if your RV isn’t properly leveled. And because it’ll be too hard to receive packages while you’re on the road, it would be better if you get an extra set of levelers in case of a sudden turn of events.

An accurately leveled and stabilized RV is a great start to your camping trip. Get your quality RV Stabilizer Jacks and levelers from RVupgrades.

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