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How to Assess Painting Proposals

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While shopping for a painting job, most homeowners do a common mistake of inviting a handful of painting contractors, showing them the project and asking for a quote. In this process, they forget the important of providing them enough details they have in mind. This approach can falsify the very purpose of getting quotes and leave you with a poor choice, ultimately running the outcome of the painting job in question.

Follow the right approach
As a homeowner dealing with painting contractors, you might have the notion that providing excessive descriptions about the painting job to house painting Fayetteville NC contractors can offend them. You might assume that these professionals will have a better knowledge of painting. However, the fact remains that no two painting jobs are the same. Also, different painters can have different approaches to painting jobs.

Due to the differences in their approach and knowledge, they may not provide quotations that are comparable in all the ways. For instance, while one painter might include a coat to provide extra finish, another might altogether omit the cost of applying primer. Some painting contractors resort to some unusual ways to outbid the competition. Some painters might have omitted some components of the home, which others might have included in their quotes. Therefore, before assessing a handful of quotations, you must first ensure that they are prepared on similar grounds.

The worst thing to expect in working with handful of proposals is to find an important component of the painting job missed out in the winning proposal. If this comes to your knowledge later after you have approved and the job is in progress, it can lead to disappointments and loss of money, resulting in friction with the painter.

To avoid all these confusions and to make the quotations comparable, detail them the job and check if house painting Fayetteville NC contractors you are working with have included all the components of the job with the same kind of specifications. Prepare a project description and give it to all the bidders. As long as this description is exactly the same for every bidder, it need not be complicated. This will make the quotations easy to compare and evaluate them on the basis of their prices and assured output.

For instance, here is the outline of a painting job you might want to get done:

• Surface preparation including cleaning and scraping

• One full coat of primer and one coat of finish paint

• There will be three colors in the front and two colors in the back and sides

• Materials will be the top grade supplies of ‘X’ company

Take away
Even when you work with a project description in hand, some bidders might give misleading suggestions that can give way to deviating from the components in the description. If this happens, you must desist from the temptation to go astray from the project description. Remember that your goal is to have comparable proposals.

If you want to consider the recommendation of a painter to go for an extra coat of paint, ask them to include it as an additional feature providing the price separately. With this approach, you will not have to compare between apples and oranges while comparing between the proposals.

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