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How To Cut A Cigar Using A Cutter Knife

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All cigar enthusiasts know that to properly smoke tobacco, you must have a high-quality cigar cutter knife, to begin with. To have the full experience of the vintage robust aroma of an exotic cigar is to choose the top-quality cigar cutter that could last you for years.

An excellent cutter is the one that any aficionado finds the easiest and most convenient to use. Take note that not all cigar cutters are created equally and so you have to choose the one most favorable for your style.

Now, there’s a ton of different options to cut a cigar, it could be double-blade guillotine, punch cut, or v-cut variety, and then a few other things that probably exist somewhere in the world. Also, some cutters are sharper, and could give you a better cut, or are simply a better-looking tool to keep around!

How To Cut a Cigar
Now, simply put, cutting off the tip of a cigar to get the best experience is not that hard but even the most seasoned smoker actually makes an occasional mistake in using the cigar cutter knife to make a cut. Sometimes, a cut is way too much of the cigar cap off resulting in getting little bits of tobacco in the mouth which can be pretty unsightly. Other times, the cut ends up getting too much into the wrapper which makes the cigar start to kind of fall apart or result in feeling the cigar a little bit rough on the lips, and that ultimately ruins the experience entirely.

A cigar is made of a couple of components. There’s the filler which is typically a blend of different parts of tobacco leaves in general. Next is the binder which holds all the filler leaves together like a burlap wrapper. On the outermost layer is the wrapper which is called “capa” in Spanish, it’s a beautiful, most expensive component of the cigar that actually determines the cigar’s character as a whole.

The roller puts a cap at the top of the cigar and it’s critical to cut only the cap off and not the tobacco to avoid everything from unraveling. This misfortune can sadly happen to almost anyone whether experienced or uninitiated, because of accidentally cutting the cigar too high. To make a straight cut, carefully look for the fine line at the tip of the cigar. If you’re using a guillotine cutter (which is the typical choice for most cigar smokers), you want to put your guillotine blade just above that cap and cut it with authority if you’re looking for the best results. Cutting it slowly might end up crushing the cigar instead.

To know if you got it right is when you’re able to get the perfect cap off with no excess tobacco coming off the cigar.

Cutting a Figurado
Now, if you’re trying to cut a figurado (pointed) cigar, there’s no specific rule as to how much you are going to cut off. You can cut it off in small amounts until you find the perfect draw. Remember to always cut on one strong movement and test the draw by bringing it to your lips. Cutting it diagonally though may be difficult if you need to cut it the second time. For figurado cigars, both guillotine, V-cutter, and cigar punch are great to use however, using the v-cutter needs a lot of trial and error for you to actually find the perfect cut but will totally be worth it once you master the skill using the tool.

Learning how to cut a cigar using a variety of cigar cutters can be quite intimidating especially for the uninitiated. The important thing is whether you’re already an experienced cigar cutter or a newbie, it is crucial that you choose the right cigar cutter knife with a blade that is sharp and swift cutting action for a full experience.

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