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How to Decide Which AJ Fernandez Cigar Is Best for You

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You may have a hard time deciding which of the many different types of cigars on the market to sample next. No matter what well-known brand you finally settle on, there are still a myriad of other possibilities to consider. AJ Fernandez Cigars, for example, has so many popular cigar options that it might be difficult to choose just one or two to begin with.

Who is AJ Fernandez in The Cigar Community?
A.J. Fernandez was born in Pinar del Ro’s San Luis region. His father, Ismael, and uncle worked in the agricultural sector for tobacco. Fernandez started working at Finca La China, a tobacco farm when he was only 13 years old. Fernandez moved to Nicaragua in 2003 and started making cigars for customers, including Rocky Patel and Espinosa Cigars.

Today, Fernandez is the owner of one of Nicaragua’s largest premium cigar factories, as well as several notable brands, such as New World, Enclave, Bella Artes, and San Lotano.

Cigars by A.J. Fernandez
Although it was a challenge, we were able to come up with our top three picks for their cigars. Tobacco lovers throughout the world know and love each of these cigars, and for good reason. Our top recommendations for AJ Fernandez cigars may be found here.

Bellas Artes Maduro
The style and composition of the Bellas Artes cigar were inspired by a trip to a Cuban art gallery. The Nicaraguan filler, San Andres binder, and Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper create a velvety and gritty taste profile that nicely balances the richness of cocoa and peppery spiciness.

Enclave Broadleaf
At the heart of Enclave is AJ Fernandez’s desire to make people feel like they belong and are part of a group. Enclave Broadleaf is a follow-up release to Enclave’s core line, which started with the release of Bellas Arts Maduro in 2015.

In terms of size and strength, the Enclave Broadleaf is on the larger side of medium. Earth, mocha, sweet flowery spice, and earth with a smoky temperament are all on the menu. We, the self-proclaimed Maduro enthusiasts, like the taste profile since it is a little dark.

San Lotano Dominicana
The Dominican Republic’s San Lotano Dominicana is the result of a joint effort. The Aging Room and Galera Fame’s Jose Blanco helped AJ Fernandez put this cigar brand together.

The San Lotano Dominicana is made up of excellent components from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, wrapped in a Dominican binder and encased in a snappy, zesty Brazilian leaf.

New World Puro Especial
AJ Fernandez’s Nicaraguan Puro, “New World,” is a huge hit. This is a Nicaraguan Puro, therefore the binder (Habano) and wrapper (Criollo ’98) are both cultivated in San Jose, Nicaragua. Among its many scents are cinnamon, cedar, earth, espresso bean, chocolate, chestnut, and a dash of charcoal.

Last Call Maduro
There aren’t many cigars like the AJ Fernandez Last Call Maduro available right now. It was first made just for AJ and his closest friends, but then it was made available to everyone.

Aromas of wood, leather, and coffee are complemented with a spicy kick from the pepper and citrus in this medium-to-full-bodied cigar.

AJ Fernandez Small Batch Series
Produced under strict production standards whereas no expense is spared by AJ Fernandez. The AJ Fernandez Small Batch Series is an ultra-boutique small batch production, the focus is on quality over quantity, including sourcing some of the finest tobaccos to create this special limited production release.

The line is available in two blends; AJ Fernandez Small Batch No. 1 Maduro featuring a beautiful Nicaraguan Habano maduro wrapper and the AJ Fernandez Small Batch Prensado. A box-pressed cigar featuring a rare Medio-Tiempo Habano Oscuro wrapper that AJ grows in Nicaragua.

In the cigar honor society, AJ Fernandez cigars have no rival. While his ardent admirers wait with bated breath for the next masterpiece, AJ makes blending seem like a piece of cake.

At this moment, we can only suggest that you visit Atlantic Cigar to see all of these cigars and a few more that we were unable to include here. If you’re looking for a terrific smoke from this brand, they’ll be able to provide you with several excellent choices.

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