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How To Design Your Nursery in a Smart and Practical Way

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One of the many things you have to carefully plan when you become a mother is the nursery of your baby. For some, nurseries are completely unnecessary and an added expense—not really. Think about it, how would you feel if your parents have placed you in an unsystematic and haphazard way in, say, the living room? You probably wouldn’t want that to happen for a newborn baby, much less your own child. Thus, nurseries play a big role in caring for a child, it’s also a way of saying you have mothered a baby, not a puppy.

When you become a mother your priorities change from worrying about yourself to worrying about your child’s needs and well-being. Now, you see things more clearly and make decisions with a sound purpose. You no longer have to wing it and let things take their proper course in the future, being a mother, everything is calculated and planned really well. Otherwise, you will see and experience things that were out of your grasp before you became a mom. Below are a few tips on how to decorate a nursery in a smart and cost-effective way.

Choose a Crib Combo
There are many crib combos that have been popping up these days, most of them are even made by really good furniture makers. It’s important to weigh things particularly the type of crib combo you want to get. Although, the most common are crib changing table sets, which are cribs with attached changing tables to them. If you don’t have that much space in the nursery, this is probably the best choice for added square footage effect. On top of that, it’s pretty neat how the changing table is right beside the crib, that way, you will no longer have a hard time changing the baby’s nappies in the middle of the night.

3-Piece Sets
This set usually comes with a full-sized crib, a changer-dresser, and drawer storage with a cabinet. The 3-piece set is ideal for nurseries with a bigger space. It’s also better for mothers who like things organized and neat. Buying a 3-piece set will save you a few extra bucks more than buying things separately. In addition, they come in the same style and finishes which makes the interior of the nursery feel airy and neat.

Convertible Cribs
The crib changing table sets these days are designed to be detached. Once separated, the crib can be converted to a toddler bed, a day bed, or a full-sized child’s bed—depending on the size. However, there are also convertible cribs that do not come with changing tables attached to them, just a regular full-sized bed that grows with your kid. This is one of the smartest moves a mother should do since full-sized cribs often come in a sizable purchase and are made with really durable materials. So, even when your baby grows out of their nursery, you can still use the crib even when they reach a grade-school age.

Be a smart and practical mom. Visit Kids N’ Cribs for really good quality crib furniture sets for your nursery.

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