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How to Get Affordable Business Insurance in Calgary

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When starting or growing a business, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you can afford liability, property damage and other potential legal fees.

Your premiums are determined by the type of coverage you choose, the amount of coverage you opt for, and your company characteristics (number of employees, revenue) among more.

And while a business insurance broker might be able to guide you through to the right plan, you need to do your own research. Read on to find out the best ways you can get affordable business insurance in Calgary.

Pool in quotes from different providers
A good policy should save you money. But most companies never take the time to compare insurance quotes or even speak to a business insurance broker and end up spending more money than they would save.

To get affordable business insurance in Calgary, it is important to compare business insurance policies from numerous insurers. Not only will you want to get a wide variety of quotes but also get details on how much each type of coverage will cost you to make an informed investment.

Choose a higher deductible
Business insurance can protect your company from unexpected events that could occur. So, you should understand how the deductibles in your policy work and what factors justify raising or lowering your deductible amount.

The deductible is the amount of money you pay before your insurance coverage applies. The lower your deductible, the higher your monthly premium will be. The higher your deductible, the lower your monthly premium will be.

Choosing a higher deductible can be an efficient way to control your health insurance premiums. But it is essential to remember that you may still be faced with hefty out-of-pocket costs in case of damage.

Get recommendations from fellow businesses
It is best to trust someone who has been running their own business and knows what it is like to deal with the intricacies of getting the right business insurance. This will allow you to get your hands on the best customer service and coverage plan, helping you mitigate common issues that businesses similar to yours experience.

Invest in bulk policies
One of the best ways to save money is with bundling. Bundling your business insurance saves you time and money while offering broader coverage. It allows you to combine multiple policies with one insurance provider and get a general discount.

Unfortunately, this often entails spending more on coverage than you would like to pay. But the good news is that you can predict how much potential damages will cost you to avoid a bigger bill.

Keep your limits low
Your insurance provider will typically ask you to set a maximum amount you are willing to spend on a claim. Then, they will determine your premium according to the value of the risk involved in your business.

For instance, setting a limit of $1 million or more will bring down the price of your policy significantly. But if you set your limit at $50 million, it will increase your monthly premiums because the provider is offering you more coverage and taking a bigger risk with your business.

Speak to a business insurance broker
A good business insurance broker will offer you advice on the most affordable policies based on the size of your business. They will not only provide you with free quotes but also simplify your process by giving you tailored plans to suit your needs. So, if you can’t find the right insurance plan, always consult a broker before investing in a policy.

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