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How To Paint Your Cabinets Like A Pro

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In majority cases, cabinets cover up the bulk of your kitchen’s wall space. Therefore, focusing enough on cabinet painting is a great way to alter the entire looks of your kitchen. Present trends in real estate shows that painted cabinetry are a popular choice for homebuyers. Therefore, cabinet painting Fayetteville is a great topic that can add great looks and a better resale value for your property. Here are the best tips from experts to paint your cabinets like a pro.

Invest in the right paint
For achieving professional looks, it I necessary to choose the best quality paint, despite the need to spend more. However, it will be very easy to apply and can last for longer giving a better finish. Oil based paint can be resistant to stains and oils and are hence a popular choice for kitchen cabinets.

Choose the color wisely
The colors you choose for cabinet painting must complement the floors, countertops and appliances. White is historically the most preferred color for kitchen cabinets as it can brighten up any room. Nevertheless, many designers have started projecting brighter and bolder color options. Some dark colors like greens and deep blues can do well for large sized kitchen cabinets. Also, mid-range colors are better options too as they are not easily prone to sun-fading, and wear and tear as do the darker or lighter colors.

Pick up the right finish
Kitchen cabinets are going to invite a lot of handling on a daily basis. They are also going to be frequently exposed to humidity, water and cooking grease. Therefore, the finish you intend to give for your kitchen cabinet must be washable and durable. Semi-gloss or high gloss paints will suit kitchen cabinets more. At the same time, these are not the right choices for families with children since they can show fingerprints and dirt more prominently. For most kitchen cabinets, semi-gloss finish is a great choice as it can reflect enough light and make the kitchen feel bigger without letting it look shiny.

Professional painting tips for kitchen cabinets

• Remove the hardware and doors and label everything you remove for an easy assembly. Mark the doors with their corresponding number in a way the markings will be hidden when the doors are installed.

• Never overlook preparing the cabinets before painting. If you fail to do this, the painting job will end up looking poor. For previously painted surfaces, de-gloss the surface for the paint to adhere well. Though you may need chemical strippers for thicker finishes, light sanding can suffice in most cases.

• A coat of primer is an important step because it can seal the surface and bestow a good adhesion to the paint. It also makes the paint work last for longer and make your cabinets look better for longer.

• Apply light coats of paint. Irrespective of whether you are brushing, spraying, or using a roller, two even coats of paints are highly preferred as applying too much paint can give way to drips and runs.

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