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How to Prepare Yourself When Your Child Starts Daycare

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While there are plenty of articles online about preparing your child for their first day of daycare, there are conversely very little on the subject of preparing yourself as a parent for the same. Which is puzzling, considering that parents – especially young or first-time parents – need some help in this regard, too, given how drastic of a change it is.

From choosing the right daycare provider to dealing with separation anxiety, here are a few tips that can help make the transition smoother and easier:

Do your research
The idea of leaving your children in the care of strangers will always be accompanied by a healthy dose of fear. The fact that there’s the occasional daycare horror story on the news decidedly doesn’t help.

One of the ways to assuage this specific anxiety is to do your due diligence while choosing a daycare provider for your child. It’s simply not enough to choose the daycare that’s closest to your home if you want to feel safe leaving your child there; you’ll want to do extensive research on all of your options to figure out which one makes for the best choice.

Looking at reviews and getting recommendations from other parents in your area is a good way to gather information on the daycare providers in your area. It’s also prudent to view the facility’s health protocols, policies and procedures, and ask basic questions about staff certifications. Knowing that the people who manage the facility are trained in CPR and know how to respond to emergencies can go a long way towards eliminating your fears.

Draw up a packing list
Parents who have been sending their kids to daycare for a long time will be the first to tell you that one of the most difficult things about the first day is remembering all the things they have to bring for the big day.

Infants need bottles that have been appropriately filled and labeled, for one. They’ll also need bibs, crib sheets, pacifiers, extra clothes, and so on.

To help keep your child’s things from getting mixed up with another’s, it’s a good idea to use daycare clothing labels, such as the ones offered by Sticky Monkey Labels. Their daycare clothing labels come in packs featuring various sizes, and can all be personalized with your child’s name.

In addition to the items listed above, you’ll also need to pack diapers, wipes, and possibly snacks and lunches for your child. Make it easier on yourself to access this long list by writing down everything that you think your child might need at daycare a few days before they’re scheduled to go, and putting the list somewhere accessible, such as your phone or by your front door. (You might also want to pick up some food container and bottle labels from Sticky Monkey Labels too!)

Aim to communicate regularly with the providers
Getting to know the people that take care of your child while you work can make a world of difference in terms of reducing any fears and anxieties you may have about them spending that much time away from you. Making friends with their teachers can’t hurt, and can offer you a glimpse into what your child’s life is like when they’re away from home.

You can have these conversations with the teacher when you pick your child up from daycare, or just before you drop them off. If you still feel anxious about the transition, they’re also incredible resources that you can ask advice and additional questions from.

Daycare Made Easy
You have enough to think about as your child begins his or her daycare experience, why not make things just a little easier with the help of Sticky Monkey Labels? Their daycare clothing labels and other labeling solutions are perfect for organizing and identifying your child’s belongings in a daycare setting. Visit their online store to view all of the different label designs and options they have available!

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