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How To Spruce Up Your Home With French-Style Furniture Pieces

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When we speak of French-inspired décor, we speak of elegance and timeless trends that is without a doubt still enthralls the hearts of those who have a great appreciation of French design. There is something about anything that is French-inspired, whether they are French-style furniture pieces or French fashion even, that feels so effortless and inherently immemorial. The French design alone is passionate yet composed, daring yet refined. It’s an astonishing fusion of classic styles and bold components that is traditional and perpetual at the same time.

Typically, French-style furniture pieces constantly bear elegance and a modest feel. But make no mistake, once you get into all that French-inspired décor, you’ll find that it is extremely welcoming and homey at the same time. It’s something that would make you realize what it would have been like if you indulged yourself in furnishing your home with a balance between understated elegance and undesirably noticeable imperfections of intricate details that is French-style interior design. Below are some ideas that would help you create that casual and elegant spaces that make up your desired French-inspired interior design.

The French-Style Bedroom
Despite the constant evolution of interior design, from muted, sobering colors to substantial decorative notes, vintage and contemporary homeowners alike, still favors the French-inspired bedroom design. With only a few classic pointers to achieve the romantic bedroom era of your dreams, you’ll be able to appreciate the remarkable beauty of elegant European decor within your fingertips.

Set the wheels in motion with a hallmark piece French bed that gives off an instant classic and elegant feel of the entire bedroom. Choose one in neutral linen, fawn velvet, and a gold palette. A vintage style frame with a beautiful, carved headboard with winding curves made with high-quality wood that is ideal to be passed down to the next generation. For an illuminated, sublime space settle on walls with a pale, light, and airy color palette. You may also opt for a refined look using pattern vintage wallpaper or settle on an all-white wall paint scheme. Choose French-style pieces that stand out, like a bedside table and an antique French dresser. You may also include a touch of regal elegance by adding an elaborate canopy and a chandelier.

The French-Style Dining Room
In modern France, the traditional dining rooms are almost obsolete. But they are still present in most residential spaces that have never grown weary of the romantic and homelike feel the French dining rooms have.

The whitewash walls and farmhouse-inspired classic French dining rooms add touches of whimsy when paired with a round dining table. To add a more modern and yet timeless character, you may include chairs with geometric carvings and fine corrugated legs to achieve that simple and classic French-inspired look. The whole idea would give an impression of a good dining experience that is welcoming and memorable.

The French-Style Living Room
The nitty-gritty details of modern antique French-style furniture are the unmistakable look of furniture pieces that are utilized to achieve that serene rustic feel. There’s something about the white-washed walls and intricate curves that somehow sends an impression of stylish and smart interior styling.

Stimulated by the idea of quaint charm and vintage beauty, the French-inspired living rooms embrace the look of cream walls and patterned curtains. With antique paintings hanging on the walls, a slight chip on terracotta bowls, ivory sofas surrounding a sculptural and concaving flute of a column coffee table. The whole French-inspired décor is undeniably an absolute epitome of quiet sophistication and an effortless French country vibe.

Explore the elegance of the whole French-inspired style we got going on at Eloquence, where you can shop timeless furniture pieces that would complete either French or Scandinavian interior design themes for your homes.

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