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How To Use OSHC Software

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Expanded as Outside School Hours Care Software, OSHC software is a powerful and versatile tool for OSHC operators. This platform can make it easy and convenient to share the processes going on at your center with families. This can also be linked to standards and saved to a portfolio as an evidence for inspection. All this is possible in real time with just a few clicks. We can say OSHC is a communication and documentation platform. This software provides the much needed support to early education entrepreneurs. Here is how you can use OSHC software in your childcare center.

Share stories of groups
Sharing experiences is a great way to create and foster an emotional connection between families and the center. Create group stories to be shared with parents and post them on to individual student portfolios. For similar stories, you can also use copy story feature. Stories can also start meaningful conversations with specialists and families.

Customizable forms
You can make use of the customizable forms that help collect child information and document learning. Since this software enables you have all of it in one place, the complexities of OSHC management will bother you no more. With the entire form filling process simplified across different needs, you can stun the inspection teams by complying with all the necessary standards and the professionalism of your documentation.

News and announcement
You can use this platform to send messages to parents that will be read. On their login, parents will see messages on their first screen. You can use this to post information on all the upcoming events, ongoing programs and some interesting achievement highlights that will impress parents.

Teacher portfolios
Private teacher portfolio connected to every user login will help every teacher log in their professional development details. This can inspire the parents and will help the center build trust among parents.

Policies and resources sharing
A childcare center can also make use of the OSHC software to share the center’s policies with parents and teachers. You can also upload the resources like reference materials for teachers and parents. Therefore, information sharing is made simpler with the OSHC software.

Take away
The invaluable benefits of OSHC software give you enough reasons to invest in this platform to take your childcare center to the next level. It is sure to put you in effective competition with the other players in your domain.

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