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How to Use Those Weed Pipes for Sale

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When it comes to smoking cannabis or any other type of marijuana product, there are a few things that are instantly recognizable as smoking devices. They are usually shown in movies, TV shows, but if you’re an avid smoker or have smoker friends, then these smoking devices are usually around you in your everyday life.

Typically smokers use a few different core types of smoking methods or devices. Those methods and devices usually include a blunt/joint, some sort of bong, and weed pipes. Weed or cannabis pipes are some of the most recognizable types of smoking devices and are categorized into two separate groups.

The first group of weed pipes is considered carb and the other one is called carb-less. The carb types of cannabis pipes are ones that include a small hole, which is meant to clear the smoke from the pipe. Carb-less pipes are also known as “one-hitters.” They usually look like straight tubes that replicate the look of a cigarette and are meant for looking discreet as possible.

Pipes that are made with a hole, or a carb, are often more commonly referred to as bowls. These are meant to smoke larger amounts of dry herbs at a time, and are typically smoked with a group but can also be smoked solo, as they can produce multiple puffs from one bowl of weed.

If you’re a seasoned weed smoker, then you know all about how these types of bowls or weed pipes work, but for the sake of some newcomers to the entire smoking experience, here’s a guide on how to use one of these devices for the first time. It’s quite a simple method, so you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

How to Get Started
People tend to smoke pipes over joints or blunts for a number of reasons. One, it’s less messy because it produces less ash. Another reason is that joints and blunts can be very hard to roll on your own if you don’t have any prior knowledge. Smoking out of a weed pipe is a much easier method, especially if you’re a beginner.

Here’s a rundown of how these weed pipes work and how you can use them for the first time. First, you want to make sure you know what each component of the weed pipe is for. The mouthpiece is at one end of the pipe, where there’s a bigger hole for where your mouth to go. That is where you smoke cannabis and inhale the smoke out of it.

The weed bowl is where you pack the actual cannabis. Some weed pipes come with deep bowls and others are more shallow. The carb hole is a smaller hole that is connected to the weed bowl. While you smoke from the bowl, hold a finger to cover the small hole and once you inhale all the smoke, release your finger from the hole to let out residual smoke.

Once you’ve got a new weed pipe and want to try it out for the first time, make sure you’ve got a nice amount of ground cannabis and start loosely packing in into the bowl. This allows for a smooth burn and allows air to flow through the cannabis so it can burn evenly. You want to slightly ignite the dry ground flower and then once it’s burning, inhale from the mouthpiece.

And there you have it, that’s a simple run down of how to use a weed pipe. Looking for weed pipes for sale to get started? Try them out from

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