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How Your CVA Paramount Stands to Benefit from a Grayboe Eagle Muzzleloader Stock

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Some muzzleloader stocks are better than others, even the stock versions (excuse the pun).

Take the CVA Paramount, for instance. It comes outfitted with a lightweight synthetic stock supported by a strong internal aluminum chassis and offers adjustments for both comb height and length of pull.

But could this muzzleloader stock be better? Sure.

Consider Grayboe Eagle muzzleloader stock (compatible with the Pro and HTR in addition to the Paramount) as the consummate upgrade.

Here’s what it offers.

What this Grayboe Stock Offers
You might be wondering why you should even go through with the effort of swapping your CVA muzzleloader’s stock.

It’s a bit of work, after all, and you need to sight in the rifle again after tinkering with the stock; so why would you?

● This Grayboe stock comes with an adjustable cheekpiece, with a quick-adjustment knob, and a flush mount set screw that allows you to make up to 1” of adjustment with one hand.

● Like the factory stock, this Grayboe offers adjustments to length of pull, between 12.75” and 14”.

● It has a more aggressive grip angle, near 60°, which helps shooters execute quicker target acquisition, which is necessary when hunting in dense scrub as the opportunity for a shot may come quickly – and then not come again.

● This Grayboe stock comes pre-outfitted with a 1” Limbsaver Airtech recoil pad. Complete the upgrade with a muzzleloader muzzle brake and you’ll be wondering if your Paramount is actually a .22.

● This muzzleloader stock is pre-outfitted with 5 QD flush cup mounts.

● This Grayboe stock is only 38 ounces, but despite being just north of 2 lbs, it’s as heavy-duty as they come. It’s made of high-quality fiberglass with aluminum pillar-vetted screw holes. It’s naturally flexible enough to help absorb recoil, yet strong enough to weather the harshest, most unforgiving environments. It will not bend or warp, and is a poor thermal conductor, keeping it at a neutral temperature even in extreme conditions.

● There are two stud mounts on the forend, which can be removed if you want to bolt on a Picatinny rail adapter for mounting accessories.

● This Grayboe stock is designed for universal in-letting, which means you may be able to make the upgrade without taking a trip to the gunsmith.

If these reasons were unconvincing, consider that Grayboe stocks are made and manufactured in the United States.

They are optimized for ergonomics and adjustability, by shooters and hunters, for shooters and hunters. There is hardly a better upgrade you can make for your CVA Paramount, Pro, or HTR.

So where can you get this muzzleloader stock?

Why Upgrade Your CVA Muzzleloader with This Stock?
Visit Anarchy Outdoors to learn more about this Grayboe stock (which is compatible with CVA Paramount rifles).

They carry this and a wide range of other muzzleloader accessories, parts, and upgrades, such as muzzleloader ramrods, muzzle brakes, speed loaders, bullet starts, scope bases, and a whole lot more.

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