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If You Want Accurate Results, Buy Carbide Drills

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When it comes to operating a milling machine, creating accurate holes can be a serious challenge. The length of drill bits, combined with the high rotational speeds used in milling operations creates a recipe for instability. Especially when drilling into hard surfaces, drill bits can deflect off of the surface of a workpiece and miss their mark. One of the best ways to avoid this is to buy carbide drills.

The biggest issue with steel drill bits is the fact that they are not as rigid as one might think. When these tools rotate at high speeds, they begin to wobble. These oscillations are almost undetectable to the human eye, but they can have a big impact on your workpiece. When a tool is wobbling, it becomes far less likely that the tip will impact the workpiece at a perfect 90 degree angle. Instead, the bit can make contact at a slight angle and deflect off the surface and ruin your workpiece.

There are a number of ways that machinists can try to avoid this effect. Spot drilling can help milling operators mark the location of future holes with a small dimple in order to give the tip of the longer drill bit a place to seat itself. Using spot drills can improve the accuracy of your steel drill bits, but it adds another step and another tool change to your process. Instead of going through all of that trouble, you can greatly improve your results when you buy carbide drill bits for your shop.

Carbide is almost a miracle material in terms of tool construction. While it may look just as metallic as steel, carbide is actually a composite material made up of a binding metal such as cobalt and powdered ceramic tungsten carbide. The metal helps to cement the carbide powder together in order to create a strong The ceramic helps to provide incredible cutting power, being wear resistant and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.

Compared to steel, tungsten carbide is roughly twice as strong and twice as rigid. The rigidity is what gives these drill bits a huge advantage in terms of accuracy. More rigid tools will undergo less extreme oscillations at high speeds, making them far more likely to actually hit their marks as intended. Most of the time, spot drilling is not required when using solid carbide drill bits. This can help speed up the production process significantly.

If you are looking to buy carbide drills for your milling machine, you can find some great options when you visit www.onlinecarbide.com. Online Carbide is an American tool manufacturer specializing in producing high quality solid carbide end mills and drill bits. Their inventory includes spot drills, stub drills, and jobber length drill bits. If you have any questions about any of the tools they carry, feel free to reach out to a member of their team by sending an email to [email protected].

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