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Is a Used iPad Worth the Money?

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The introduction and spread of tablets, spurred largely by Apple’s iPad lines, has revolutionized consumer behavior. Larger and more user-friendly than most smartphones, yet lighter and far more convenient than most laptops, iPads straddle the middle ground.

They are great for reading, streaming, and playing games – among a million other more business-centric tasks.

The question of why they’re so popular has been settled. The question that might remain for you is whether you should buy one new or get a used iPad. Let’s look at some facts – it really boils down to two big advantages for those interested in purchasing used iPads.

Used iPads Will Save You Money
First and foremost, let’s get one thing straight. Whether you’re interested in an iPad Pro, iPad Air, or even an iPad Mini, purchasing a used or refurbished unit is almost guaranteed to save you significantly over the price of new.

Let’s just consider the going market rates. Right now, at retail pricing, the iPad Air is starting at $599 and the iPad Mini is starting at $499. By fairly sharp contrast, there are iPad Air 2 units for sale right now at Mac of All Trades for less than $220. What about the iPad Mini? Mac of All Trades has iPad Minis priced below $450 – and even vintage models that are selling at less than $100.

An interesting thing to note about iPads is that, while they do hold their value pretty well, Apple is constantly releasing new versions that adversely affect the demand on prior releases.

That’s a pretty strong reason to pay less for a used or refurbished model – as long as you can ensure you’ll get the same functionality from it.

Used, Yet Like-New Performance
Let’s also be clear about one important thing. Mac of All Trades is up-front about the quality and condition of their used and refurbished Apple products. There are no surprises here; you can see the condition listed right on the product page for each used iPad they’re selling.

More importantly, Mac of All Trades thoroughly inspects, tests, and repairs (where applicable) all of the used technology they sell. Every used iPad they sell is visually inspected, and the functionality of hardware and major components is extensively tested. This means the microphone, speakers, and battery are checked for normal performance, as are device interfaces, sensors, and other components.

They are repaired as necessary, and their used products are also put through an extensive two-stage cleaning process as well. Every device is thoroughly wiped clean and a new operating system is installed.

As if that weren’t good enough, Mac of All Trades offers a free hardware warranty with the purchase of their products, so their customers can rest easy with their purchase.

Be Confident in Your Purchase
Buying a refurbished iPad or a used iPad is a great way to save money and enjoy the convenience and portability of a tablet at a lower price. Mac of All Trades is serious about customer satisfaction and about the quality of their iPads sold – if you have any questions or need to dispel any concerns before purchasing, please feel free to contact their customer service team at 800-581-8987.

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