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Is There Any Practical Reason to Ride a Clown Circus Bike?

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There are two strikes against a “clown circus bike.” The name alone has two words that rob it of legitimacy for most audiences.

After all, who would, in earnest, decide to buy and ride a circus clown bike? Besides a performer, at least?

Well, most of us wouldn’t. But for those who are looking for a new challenge, it might be worth the effort.

They’re More Nimble
For one thing, high-quality clown circus bikes like the Hoppley sold by (check the previous link) are engineered differently from chain-driven bikes.

For one, they lack the chain drive, which gives you greater control over the rear wheel (albeit at slower top speeds). This is necessary for performing complex maneuvers and balancing. Not that you couldn’t do that with a bike with a chain drive but this machine is simpler, offers greater control, and requires less maintenance.

Both wheels spin completely independently of each other, too, and it’s possible to spin the handlebars 360 (there’s enough clearance) as well as the rear wheel – something you can’t do with a “regular” bike.

So it will take a bit of getting used to, but there will be a lot you’ll be able to do that you wouldn’t be able to do with a regular bike. The only drawback is speed.

Impress the Crowds
Clown circus bikes are also optimized for trick riding, so if you’re into that sort of thing, one of these bikes might be worth the investment for you.

There are lots of different tricks you can learn on a clown bike. Try riding on one wheel or coasting on the front. There are pegs at the front so you could have a second rider up there. Learn to juggle or take up a sport. These are all legitimate reasons to try a clown bike on for size – so to speak.

Because It’s There: Try a New Challenge
Learning to ride a clown circus bike is also a challenge in its own right and a hill to climb for the sake of it, especially if you’ve already tamed all the other wheeled machines.

For those who are already experienced cyclists, have learned to ride unicycles and penny-farthing bikes, minibikes, and even skateboards, a clown bike is just the next mountain to summit.

Of course, there are practical advantages to deciding to shoulder this challenge. It’s not just about dominion for the sake of it.

Learning to ride a new cycle will make you a stronger, better athlete overall. Just like learning to ride a unicycle can potentially help sharpen your critical thinking skills, so too can learning to ride a new or different bike hone your attention to detail and your adaptability.

Plus, if you go the trick-riding route, you can potentially build strength, stamina, and coordination that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Shop Quality Only: The Definitive Clown Circus Bike
If you’re going to put your hard earned money into a clown circus bike, don’t gamble on quality. Buy only what’s proven.

The circus bike mentioned previously, available online at, is built to last. It features a steel frame and a curved steel handlebar, along with steel crank arms and a hub/axle with a hardened spindle. These circus bikes also have tough wheels, with singlewall aluminum rims.

They are tough enough to take the hard knocks of trick riding, and will get right back up with you when you take a spill.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit, where they also sell tools, parts and safety gear. They’ll outfit you with what you need, even if you’re only interested in trick riding.

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