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Keep Your Sun Mountain Golf Stand Bag Kicking for Longer with These Tips

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Sun Mountain golf stand bags like the 2.5+ and 2024 C-130 run the gamut from the ultra-lightweight to the perfect balance between weight, space, and organization.

They help you keep your gear perfectly organized, easily accessible, and they do so while maintaining a form that is lightweight, easy to carry, and aesthetically pleasing.

This comes at a price. A literal price, that is. Sun Mountain golf stand bags are premium in the industry and they aren’t cheap.

Don’t waste your investment by failing to take care of your Sun Mountain golf bag. Keep it in fighting shape for longer with these tips.

1. Don’t Overload It
The number one rule here is not to overload your Sun Mountain golf stand bag. Doing so is counterproductive to the entire model.

First, if you overload the bag and it’s too heavy, you just defeated the purpose of a lightweight stand bag. Don’t try to carry too much. It will tax your back and shoulders, and chances are you don’t need all that gear anyway.

Second, if you overload it, you’ll be straining the carry straps. A Sun Mountain is built tough but every golf bag has its limits.

Last, if you overload one pocket or a few pockets, you’ll make it hard to access your gear. Load it up in such a manner that you know where everything is and all your gear isn’t just stuffed into one place.

2. Don’t Let It Stay Wet (Better Yet, Don’t Let It Get Wet)
The majority of Sun Mountain golf stand bags are made with durable material that’s at least water-resistant, and some even come with a rain fly.

There are times you will get stuck in the rain; that is a part of the sport. But what you can not afford to do is allow your bag to stay wet if it gets wet.

If your bag does get rained on, as soon as you get it home, empty it out entirely. Dry off all your gear and then hang the bag upside down in a dry location (it’ll dry faster if it’s warm) and don’t load it up again until it’s completely dry.

3. Clean Out the Pockets from Time to Time
More than one golf bag has likely been ruined (or at least experienced a severe degradation of life expectancy) from a lunch that was left in one of the pockets for just a bit too long.

Food has moisture and moisture grows mold. If you forget to clear out an errant snack or don’t eat it in time and leave it in a pocket, and mold forms, it might ruin your golf bag, too.

Better safe than sorry; keep the pockets clean, especially if you had snacks in them.

4. Don’t Store It In the Trunk or the Garage
This last one is really a suggestion that will benefit your clubs, but it won’t hurt your golf bag either.

Storing your bag in the trunk or the garage, especially if you live in a hot area, is a huge problem.

Excessive heat will break down the epoxy that’s used to secure your club head to your golf shaft.

Moreover, you should never store your Sun Mountain golf stand bag outside. Not only for the same reason, but also because UV light will eventually break down the fabric of the exterior.

Time for a New Sun Mountain Golf Stand Bag?
If you’ve committed one of these cardinal sins in the past and your Sun Mountain is on its last legs, excuse the pun and visit Dallas Golf Company either via the previous link or at their shop in Texas.

They carry a wide range of different golf bags (including Sun Mountains) at competitive prices and their staff is extremely helpful. Check them out or contact them at 800-955-9550 today.

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