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LED Corn Bulbs: What Are They and Why You Need Them

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When you are looking for lights to properly illuminate either an indoor or outdoor area, you know that you need a specific light source that you can depend on. This is true in nearly any industry or even a residential situation, but it is especially true for industrial automation facilities.

That is where LED lights can come into play. These types of lights typically save users a lot on energy output and consumption costs, making them some of the best artificial light sources for various uses.

There are several commonly used LED light bulbs to choose from in order to achieve optimal lighting in nearly any industrial automation facility, but there is one that deserves its own “spotlight”: LED corn cob lights.

What Are LED Corn Cob Lights
Corn cob lights, which are also LED corn bulbs, are some of the most reliable options for lighting available. These bulbs are aptly named, as they resemble the look of a corn cob. These bulbs come in various shapes and sizes, but all contain individual square diodes that are LED lights on all sides of the “corn cob.” Depending on the size and style, there are 80 to 108 diodes.

They’re typically used in outdoor settings, such as street lights, highway lighting, and bollard pathway lighting. But what exactly makes these particular bulbs so unique and why should you consider using them?

Why Use LED Corn Bulbs
While these may sound like nearly any other LED light, they are far from it. Let’s take a look at exactly why you should opt for LED corn bulbs over other options and what else you need to know about them.

Energy-Efficient and Cost-Effective
When talking about LED lights, you simply cannot leave out their remarkable energy efficiency. These bulbs are some of the best for illuminating nearly any area appropriately while also saving energy and, ultimately, saving you money, too! In fact, they are much better in both of these areas than typical incandescent bulbs.

Incredible Lighting
LED lights are known for their low energy consumption and cost, but also their incredible brightness. LED corn lights, however, are either as bright, if not brighter, than HID bulbs. They provide optimal lighting while simultaneously keeping costs and energy expenditure low!

When using corn bulbs, not to worry: you won’t be screwing it in and then unscrewing it promptly afterward to replace it. Their longevity is yet another admirable trait. In fact, these bulbs last for roughly 50,000 hours– that’s more than 2,083 days total!

Won’t Be Too Warm and Can Cool Down
One rational annoyance of any light bulb is its heat output, as this can be not only irksome but even potentially dangerous.

Fortunately, that wouldn’t be the case with corn bulbs. These lights don’t give off nearly as much heat as CFLs do. Plus, the good versions of these bulbs are even self-cooling.

When looking for the best LED corn bulbs or any other lighting fixtures, be sure to work alongside Major Electronix. They are experienced in providing lighting features for industrial automation facilities and offer some of the lowest prices amongst their competitors. What are you waiting for? Give them a call at 800-966-2345 today.

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