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Maintaining Your 42-Inch Wide Brush Cutter Attachment

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Taking proper care of your 42 inch wide brush cutter attachment, just like any skid steer attachment, is paramount to efficient performance and attachment longevity.

So if you’re the proud owner of a skid steer brush cutter attachment, here are some of the basic pointers you can follow to keep it clean, well-oiled (figuratively and literally), and operable.

Keep the Brush Cutter Clean

Contamination of a hydraulic system is the number one reason for failure. It is imperative to ensure that nothing gets into the hydraulic fluid as this can cause issues with pressure and can damage couplers.

Every time you attach and detach the couplers, there’s an opportunity for contamination to get in. Make sure you clean the couplers and lines before attaching and after detaching, and take care when doing so.

Check Hydraulic Fluid Levels

Low hydraulic fluid levels can cause serious damage to the hydraulic pumps that power the system. Check before use or weekly to ensure levels are optimal.

That said, the level should change only minimally, so if there’s a big change from day to day or week to week, check your hydraulic system for leaks.

Note: Always wear eye protection, and gloves, and wear heavy clothing when inspecting. Probe suspected leaks with a piece of paper or cardboard as pressurized hydraulic fluid can be extremely dangerous.

Store It Wisely

Your brush cutter attachment may be built tough, but storing it wisely is an investment in longevity. Storing it outside is not optimal.

Where possible, store it in a cool, dry, location, away from the sun and elements, such as in a barn or shed. If you must leave it outside, cover the attachment with a tarp to protect it against the weather.

Also, store it in a location that is not frequented by children.

Safe Operation

Additionally, knowing how to safely operate your brush cutter is also tantamount to attachment maintenance.

Be cognizant of your surroundings; allowing the cutter’s blades to contact large stones, trees, or structures can severely damage both them and the attachment in general.

Also, never operate your skid steer and attachment when there are any bystanders in the area. The area should be clear of bystanders by at least 300 feet.

Rule Number One: Read and Become Familiar with Your Owner’s Manual

The most important rule of brush cutter attachment maintenance is to become familiar with your owner’s manual.

For instance, the owner’s manual of Spartan Equipment’s 42 inch wide brush cutter attachments gives detailed procedures for daily and routine maintenance.

Before each use, operators are advised to check and fill hydraulic fluid levels, as well as to inspect the hydraulic plumbing for damage or leakage and make repairs as necessary.

Before each use operators should also inspect all fasteners for wear or damage and tighten or replace as necessary, replace or clear off all safety decals that are worn, obstructed, or missing, and inspect the condition of the cutter’s blades, replacing or sharpening as needed.

Weekly, the brush cutter attachment should be washed and the condition of the blades inspected; they should be sharpened as necessary as sharper blades cut more efficiently. The oil level in the gearbox should also be checked and replaced as needed.

Yearly, the operator should inspect the entire attachment for damage, including scratches, dings, and gouges. The attachment should be sanded and repainted with a farm equipment paint formulated to combat rust. Also, the operator should change the oil in the bearing housing yearly – although it should also be changed after the first 50 hours, then every 1,000 hours after that, or yearly, whichever comes first.

Want More Information on This 42 Inch Wide Brush Cutter Attachment

Not the owner yet of a Spartan Equipment 42” wide brush cutter attachment? Visit Spartan Equipment via the previous link.

Their attachments are made in the United States with American steel and covered by generous warranties. Spartan Equipment attachments will Never Surrender.

You can also consult their website for more information regarding maintenance or owner’s manuals, many of which are available on their website in digital format.

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