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Mood Rings Are Back: A Quick Jewelry Guide

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Looking for a super unique ring to add to your collection? Mood rings are back! Here is all you need to know about mood rings and how to find more fashion-forward mood rings for sale in 2023.

Mood rings are a type of jewelry that became popular in the 1970s. They were designed to change color in response to changes in body temperature, which were believed to be linked to a person’s emotional state.

The idea for mood rings was developed by two intrepid New York inventors, Joshua Reynolds and Maris Ambats, back in 1975. The rings were made of a special liquid crystal that was sensitive to changes in temperature. When the temperature of the wearer’s finger changed, the color of the crystal would also change, creating the appearance of a color-changing gemstone.

The first mood rings were marketed as a way for wearers to tune into their emotions and gain insight into their moods. The rings were especially popular among teenagers and young adults, who were drawn to their unique and colorful appearance.

Mood rings continued to be a popular fashion accessory throughout the 1970s and into the 1980s. They were often worn alongside other popular fashion trends of the time, such as bell-bottom pants, platform shoes, and tie-dye shirts.

In recent years, mood rings have made a comeback as a retro fashion accessory and continue to fascinate and intrigue people with their unique color-changing properties and their connection to the history of fashion and popular culture.

How mood rings work
Mood rings contain a special material that is sensitive to the temperature changes that occur on the surface of our skin. This crystal is made up of a mixture of chemicals that are specifically sensitive to heat. When the temperature of the ring changes, the molecules in the crystal move around and change the way they absorb and reflect light, which causes the color of the ring to change its appearance.

The colors of the mood ring are said to correspond to different emotions. While many consider mood rings to simply be for entertainment purposes, there actually is some rhyme and reason behind the color changes. They are designed in such a way that red colors (which are often associated with passion) appear when the skin is warm, whereas cooler colors will appear when the skin isn’t as warm, which could be interpreted as being associated with loneliness or calm.

Where to Find Mood Rings For Sale Online
There are numerous places where you can still shop for mood rings, but if you want one that looks high-quality and that will go with your other jewelry pieces, you are going to want to be particular about where you shop. Our pick is Honeycat Jewelry!

Honeycat Jewelry carries a collection of mood rings that are updated to fit today’s fashion trends. These delicate mood rings are an elevated and mature take on mood rings while still being flirty and fun. These playful mood rings range from bold in style to simple and classic. No matter which one you choose, you’ll instantly feel nostalgic. Take a look at their online store today if you want a stylish mood ring of your own!

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