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Never Lose Your Child’s Belongings Again at Camp with these Labels!

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As a parent, you know just how frustrating it is for your child to lose their special blanket, favorite toy, sippy cup, jacket– the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, it can happen far too frequently regardless of the precautions you take.

One prime example of a place where your child is likely to lose their things is at camp. While you are undoubtedly excited for your child to attend camp, whether it’s for day camp, summer camp, or sleepaway camp, it is common for you to feel worried about them coming home without all their belongings!

Fortunately, there are ways for you to send your child to camp and ensure that they come home to you without any of their objects missing! Let’s take a look at some key types of labels for ensuring your child goes to camp and keeps all their belongings.

Iron-On Clothing Labels for Camp
It is common to send your child, regardless of his or her age, to camp with numerous sets of clothing items and towels. This is to help tackle any weather conditions, any activities, and even their daily showers.

That is where iron-on clothing labels for camp can come in to save the day. No matter if it’s the coat your child is wearing into camp or one of their numerous swimsuits and towels, be sure to place sturdy clothing labels on each garment and towel. These labels will help counselors and other staff recognize which clothing items are your child’s and not confuse them with another child’s.

If your son or daughter is wandering around and looking for their coat or towel, they can locate the label, see their name prominently displayed, and scoop up their item far easier!

Stick-On Clothing Labels for Camp
If you need to label their items fast and you require something that is both laundry safe and super durable, then you’ll definitely want to check out Stick-On Clothing Labels, which are also known as Peel ‘n Stix Clothing Labels.

These tough little labels from Sticky Monkey Labels stick to garment care tags and tagless imprints on clothing. They fit perfectly onto the care tag of towels and jackets as well. Not only that but they can even be used on their personal items, such as water bottles and hygiene products. Just stick on and go!

Iron-On Dots
If you’d prefer using something that is just a dash more subtle on your child’s clothing items, opt for iron-on dots! These can be personalized with initials, then easily and conveniently ironed onto various clothing items. They could even be ironed onto locations that are well-hidden, like where the sizing and washing instructions are found.

Waterproof Shoe Labels
We all know that kids are excellent at losing everything– and that somehow includes their shoes! Be sure to place shoe labels on their shoes, as these are waterproof and highly durable.

Because these labels are both waterproof and sturdy, they can seamlessly withstand all your child’s playtime activities!

Whether your child took off his or her shoes after jumping in puddles or swimming, you can rest assured that their shoes won’t mysteriously go missing when they have these handy shoe labels!

Where to Buy the Best Labels for Organization
When you are looking for high-quality yet affordable labels and other organization tools for leading a less-stressful parent life, then trust no one else other than Sticky Monkey Labels. This mom-operated company prides itself on offering its customers with the best and tried-and-true labels for parents and families. Give them a call today at 1-888-780-7734!

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