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New Trends In Choosing Roofing Materials For Homes

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The roof you choose for your home does several things from adding functionality to bestowing a style to your cherished property. Here are the latest trends in roofing that you will watch in the years to come. This will help you understand the different emerging choices for your home’s roof while you may work on building or renovating your home.

Roof color
Climate change has impacted the roofing choices to a great extent. People are looking forward to the option of cool roofing. Reflective coatings can enable the roof reflect the sun’s warmth rather than absorbing it. If you are living in warm climatic zones, especially this approach can help reduce your home’s cooling costs and also lead to energy efficiency.

Green roofing
The concept of green roofing is catching up in several parts of the world. Since waterproofing and drainage are important for green roofs, enough attention must be spared to get the best gutters for the roof. Green roofs have limitless lifespan and they fulfill several best expectations from the roof including aesthetic looks, coolness and environmental friendly lifestyle. Doing some research in these lines will help you land on the best green roof plan that will suit your home.

Tile roofing
Tile roofing is growing in popularity due to their appearance, cost and durability. When compared to asphalt shingles, roof tiles can last for much longer. For instance, the expected lifespan of asphalt roofs are only 15 years while roof tiles can seamlessly work for your home roofing needs for around 25 years.

Slate roofing
Slate roofing is a popular choice for several homeowners. They are durable options while being the most expensive roofing solutions. Nevertheless, you can save a lot of money in the long run due to their ability to last for several years.

Solar roof
Solar roofs may look pricier. However, they enable long energy term savings. Due to the advancements in the solar roofing technology and due to their growing popularity, the prices of solar roofing options are coming down significantly during our times. Solar roofing is a great option for homes facing the south direction.

Flat roofing
During modern times, flat roofing is growing in popularity. Some of the options to think of in terms of flat roofing are PVC or TPO fabrics. In fact, flat roofing options of these days are more durable than the ones that we found a decade back. Flat roofs are very easy to maintain when compared to the conventional asphalt shingle roofs.

Color choices
In the coming years, we may see more colors showing up on roofs. Some popular exterior color trends will include deep blue and bright red roofs in addition to black roofs.

Fire resistant and metal roofs
Fire resistant and fire proof roofs are becoming highly popular and many roofing companies near me will recommend you this option. In fact, we can say that they have taken the center stage in roofing. Metal roofing panels are widely available and they provide fire resistant options to roofing. In fact, metal roofs help qualify for discounts in homeowner’s insurance plans.

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