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On the Superiority of Portal Gear Lift Kits for Honda Talon UTVs

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Lifting your UTV doesn’t just add cool factor and give you the ability to run bigger tires. It increases your ground clearance, enabling you to clear higher and deeper obstacles with more confidence – not to mention tackling rougher terrain.

But if you’re seriously thinking about lifting your Honda Talon UTV, you need to read up on portal gears for the lift kit if you haven’t yet. They are game changers among aftermarket parts.

Run Bigger Tires, Protect Your Drivetrain
Like any lift kit, a portal gear lift kit will give you the ability to run bigger tires. But portal gears, like SuperATV’s 4” Portal Gear Lift for your Talon 1000x will protect your drivetrain.

Portal gear lift kits contain the gear reduction right in the hub, taking the strain off of transmissions, differentials, prop shafts, and axles.

Ride harder, through worse conditions, over less forgiving landscapes – and protect your vehicle’s most sensitive, expensive components.

Stronger Housings with Advanced Gaskets and Seals
The SuperATV portal gear lift kit mentioned in the last section is made from a solid billet of aluminum that is quite literally rock-solid. They’re also made with advanced gaskets and seals.

They’re CNC machined in the U.S.A. from 6061 billet aluminum, which is extremely strong, reliable, lightweight, and corrosion resistant – perfect for braving the worst of the elements. They’re also protected by extremely strong 5/16” Chromoly steel backing plates.

They’re reinforced, built to deliver superior oil flow, and do not have vents. They feature advanced Thermo-TorkⓇ gaskets that are more resistant to oil and have a better deterioration rate than Kevlar (they’re tougher and last longer).

These GDP portal gears also feature a sealed input gear, a double-lipped output seal, and complete, absolute, 100% seating coverage – so say no more to oil leaks.

What Else You Need to Know
These portal gear kits also offer high-strength roller bearings that can handle high loads in any direction, as well as universal hubs and slotted rotors that will enable you to run almost any UTV tire on the market. Plus, with the increased gear strength and superior design, you can get higher torque without the risk of damage to your UTV’s most sensitive parts.

The gears themselves are made from ultra-strong 9310 alloy steel and precision ground to ensure perfect mating even in the harshest conditions and under extreme loads – perfect for the thickest mud and snow, and so much more.

Basically, if you want to lift your Honda Talon, don’t even think about overlooking portal gears.

Where You Can Find Portal Gear Lift Kits and Other Honda Talon Parts and Accessories
Want to learn more about portal gear lift kits? Check out the Honda Talon parts and accessories over at or get in touch with them directly.

There’s plenty of information on their website but the people behind the works are even more helpful. They ride, just like you, and are passionate about Powersports. Give them a call at 720-226-6819 if you have any questions about portal gears or other customizations you can make with their Honda Talon accessories.

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