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Online Carbide: A Reliable Solid Carbide End Mills Manufacturer

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When it comes to milling tools, there are a lot of options available on the market. This includes both domestic and international tool solid carbide end mills manufacturers. If you are interested in finding some high quality tools then it is important to work with manufacturers that pay attention to details in order to make sure that your tools can handle the strain of high speed machining.

The Importance of Carbide
End mills are hard working tools, especially when it comes to cutting into harder materials at high speeds. High speed machining into hard materials like cast iron or stainless steel not only causes wear on cutting edges but also can produce extremely high temperatures. Metal tools can only handle so much heat before the edges lose their temper and begin to soften. Even tools manufactured from high speed steel alloys can only handle so much heat before the edges begin to soften. The answer to this issue to use tools made from solid carbide.

Carbide is a tool making material that looks metallic but is actually a composite material. The actual carbide in a carbide cutting tool is tungsten carbide, a ceramic material. In its simplest form, tungsten carbide is a grey powder. While this powder is actually more dense and more rigid than steel, it cannot do much cutting in its raw form. Carbide tool stock is made by combining this powdered ceramic with a metal such as cobalt that serves as a binding agent. The resulting material has the strength of metal but the heat resistance and cutting power of a ceramic. This makes it perfect for handling the extraordinary strain of high speed milling.

Online Carbide
If you need some reliable tools for your shop, then Online Carbide might just be the right solid carbide end mills manufacturer for you. They specialize in producing high performance thread mills and some other end mills and drill bits. Because they are an American manufacturer, you can always reach out to their team and expect a quick response. Their inventory includes standard square or ball ended mills, full form thread mills, single pitch thread mills, jobber drills, stub drills, spot drills, center drills, 6 flute end mills, end mills for aluminum, variable end mills, and chamfer mills.

Every one of Online Carbide’s tools is precision manufactured using advanced robot fed 5 axis computer numerically controlled grinding machines. This means that their tools are precision machined and will arrive sharp and ready to use. Because they offer all of their cutters at manufacture direct prices, you can save big when you buy their tools. In addition to offering all of these amazing tools, the team at Online Carbide can also help you create custom milling tools for your shop. All you have to do is reach out to a member of their team by sending an email to [email protected].

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