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Online Carbide has Great Solid Carbide End Mills for Sale

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The use of computer numerical control milling machines has helped to revolutionize the manufacturing of custom components. While these incredibly useful machines can help to complete machining processes in minutes that would take human hands hours, that high speed machining can put a lot of strain on the cutting tools being used. That is one reason why it is so important to buy carbide milling cutters. When it comes to finding solid carbide end mills for sale, Online Carbide is a great choice.

Online Carbide is an American tool manufacturer specializing in producing solid carbide end mills and drill bits. Their focus on producing high quality tools has helped their business expand and increase their catalogue to offer more great tools to their customers. As their name implies, they only use high quality tungsten carbide tool stock to manufacture their end mills and drill bits.

Carbide has numerous advantages when compared to tools made from stainless steel. While it may appear metallic, carbide is actually a combination of powdered ceramic tungsten carbide cemented together with a bonding metal such as cobalt. The metal provides strength while the tungsten carbide, which is nearly twice as strong and rigid as steel, provides the cutting power and heat resistance.

The ceramic content of these tools makes them ideal high speed applications. Even HSS aka high speed steel alloys will lose their temper and soften at high temperatures, quickly ruining the cutting edges. Carbide tools are far more heat resistant, making them the perfect option for shops that need cutters that can run faster and longer. Tungsten carbide will remain sharp and strong much longer when used properly.

The rigidity of carbide also makes carbide end mills far more stable. Tool vibration can produce chatter and impact the finish of a workpiece. The origin of this chatter is the fact that tools wobble slightly when operated at high speeds, even though that lateral movement may be too miniscule to notice with the naked eye. This is also a huge problem with longer tools like drill bits, which can miss their mark entirely due to tool oscillation. Carbide tools are far more stable at high rotation speeds than metal tools, leading to less chatter and a superior finish on your workpieces.

You can find all of Online Carbide’s solid carbide end mills for sale when you visit their online store at They carry a great selection of high quality end mills and drill bits, all of which have been precision ground from sturdy tungsten carbide tool stock. All of their tools are available at great prices on their online store. If you have any questions about any of the tools that they carry, or you are interested in having custom tools made for your shop, feel free to reach out to a member of their team. All you have to do is send an email to [email protected] to get in touch with one of their tool experts.

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