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Party Favors A Bachelorette Party Must Have

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Your best friend is getting married and she picked you to be her maid of honor—cheers! Not everyone gets to be the chosen maid of honor and you just landed on the most special role of two people’s celebration of love. Apart from that as the maid of honor, you are entitled to use the phrase “it’s for the bride”, which obviously comes with a lot of perks. But wait, before you get to enjoy all the gravy that goes along with the role, you should know that there’s an even important task you have to do first.

The maid of honor is automatically designated as the bachelorette party planner and is the one responsible for so many details that goes down on that day. Details include the venue of the event and the party favors that completes the whole idea of the event. As small as they are, party favors are one of the most essential things you should be prepared for when planning a bachelorette party. Let’s see some ideas of party favors you should buy in bulk today.

Disposable E-Cig
Disposable pods are becoming very popular these days because of their abundance in variety and their impeccable style. If an all-male version of this party likes to smoke a few Cubans to celebrate the last night of the groom’s bachelor life, then, women should also have the same option available to them. Well, not exactly the same, disposable pods are hardly the stylish version of tobacco. For starters, these things can come in nicotine-free e-juices which is a good way to vape away the weekend without tainting your lung with the potentially harmful effects of disposable pods with nicotine content.

If the event you planned is set to happen on a yacht or by the beach, then everybody should get their colorful sunglasses. The sunglasses you should get must be coated with UV protection to avoid damaging the eyes because of exposure to the sun’s UV rays. On top of that, having these bachelorette sunglasses on while vaping away disposable pods is a cool instagrammable look on everyone, including the bride.

It’s not a secret how damaging the UV rays of the sun are and the last thing everybody wants is to get sunburnt without even taking a dive in the seawater on a sunny afternoon. No matter how prepared everyone is for a destination weekend, sunblocks are typically left behind when packing for essentials. This often bums out everybody especially if you’re setting the event outdoors on a sunny day. To avoid this misfortune, put a tube of sunblock into everyone’s party bags including the bachelorette sunglasses and disposables.

When planning an epic bachelorette party, you should always keep in mind the safety above the style. A few disposable e-cigs, sunglasses, and sunblock might not sound like a big deal but they actually complete the party more than you think.

If you’re in the market for the most affordable disposables with no nicotine content, check out Cyclone Pods and their collection of pods.

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