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Pre-Owned Furniture for Offices and Public Spaces: On the Advantages

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For those of you staring down the prospect of re-outfitting your offices or other public spaces with new furniture, perhaps new isn’t the way to go.

There are a wealth of opportunities out there in pre-owned furniture, much of which is specifically intended for offices and public institutions like libraries, schools, and other facilities.

There are plenty of good reasons to go the used route. Let’s cover a few of these.

Cost Savings
This should come as a surprise to no one, but pre-owned furniture is often substantially more affordable than new office furniture.

Moreover, new office furniture can be quite expensive objectively, not simply more expensive than pre-owned.

If your office is on a budget crunch or you need a creative way to execute a design project or replace old furniture, buying pre-owned may be your ticket.

It’s Always in Style and Holds Its Value Well
One of the great things about most modern furniture manufacturers that produce for offices and public spaces is that, for the most part, they follow a universally compatible aesthetic.

Not to suggest that all office furniture looks alike, but predominantly, seating, desks, and storage all follow a minimalist, neutral aesthetic that is compatible with a wide range of settings, across industries, and which will not go out of style.

On top of that, pre-owned furniture, when properly cared for, holds its value well. This is a plus for you, because if you buy used, you may be able to liquidate it in the future and recover some of the initial investment.

It’s Hedged Against Depreciation
This is a separate argument from the previous one, though it still has to do with holding value.

Much of the cost of new furniture is in the sticker price, to begin with, just like a new car. Once you buy it and use it, it drops in value.

But, once a piece of furniture is used, it’s used. If it’s well cared for, it can keep much of its “used” value for many years, though it will never be “new” again.

That alone makes pre-owned furniture attractive, especially buying used furniture online, which is more convenient.

Quicker Fulfillment, Faster Turnaround
One more argument in favor of pre-owned furniture has to do with turnaround times. If you place a large order with a manufacturer or a distributor, depending on what their current outstanding order volumes and manufacturing bandwidth look like, it could take a very long time to fulfill your order.

That won’t happen with resellers of pre-owned furniture. So long as what you’re interested in buying is in stock and available, and the seller has reputable logistical capabilities, turnaround times will be much shorter.

Where Can You Get Quality Pre-Owned Furniture?
Interested in learning more about how to save money with pre-owned furniture for your office or other public spaces?

Visit Transfer Enterprises online at They carry a wide range of different types of used furniture from the top brands, including but not limited to Herman Miller, Haworth, Steelcase, Knoll, SitOnIt, HumanScale, HON, and many others.

They also offer a variety of services, including design and installation services. Visit their website for more details or contact them directly at 860-645-9090.

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