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Pros of Using Butane Lighter Fuel for Your Cigars

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Even if you have not been smoking cigars for very long, you have probably already seen someone pulling out their butane lighter to get their smoke going. The longer you smoke, the more likely you are to eventually pick one up for yourself. It is a handy little accessory for smokers that makes a lot of sense to keep around. Here are the biggest pros of using butane lighter fuel for your cigars compared to anything else.

Clean Taste
Probably one of the biggest advantages of using butane fuel lighters for smoking is that they leave behind little to no taste or smell whatsoever. This works perfectly with cigars because you want the aroma and taste of the cigar’s notes to come through clearly without the aftertaste of lighter fluid in the way. It is a natural accompaniment to cigars and other smoking tobacco products.

Easy to Start Using
You might not be used to using butane lighter fuel for reusable lighters, but don’t worry. These types of lighters can actually be really easy to use, especially after owning them for a while. You just have to get the hang of it, and then you’re all set. These lighters essentially work the same as any disposable lighters you have used, but these ones are designed to be refilled so you can keep them around for much longer. All you really have to do is keep the tank filled with the butane fuel and it will keep running. You can purchase butane lighter fuel at your cigar store and just keep using that whenever your lighter starts to run low. You don’t even have to pour in the lighter fuel very often, but when you do, the task is quick and easy so it’s no trouble. After a while, this even starts to feel easier and more intuitive than having to constantly purchase new lighters. Just pick out the lighter you want with a few refills and you’re done.

Works With Quality Lighters
If you are only used to using cheap, standard lighters that can be found just about anywhere, you may have developed lower expectations for what you would want in a lighter. Those kinds of lighters are very chintzy and tend to break or get lost easily. And you honestly wouldn’t care much if they did because you would just replace it with a nearly identical copy anyway. You would only think about one when you realize it is running out or you reach to light your smoke with it. These easily replaceable lighters provide a very different experience compared to more high-quality ones that accept butane lighter fuel. These premium lighters are made to last so you can continue refilling and using them for years. These are the kinds of lighters you actually care about and actively enjoy keeping around. You are glad that you have this small item in your possession and get to use it everytime you go to smoke a cigar or cigarette. With this type of lighter, you get to choose a design you like and actually stick to it. It is a small touch, but it makes the smoking experience feel a little smoother.

These are the main reasons we see people enjoying their butane lighters so much. They are convenient, easy to use, and certainly enhance the experience of smoking. It is often recommended that you pick one out for yourself if you know that you smoke often, so that is something to keep in mind. You can find some premium lighters and the butane lighter fuel that goes with them online at so feel free to take a peek and get one for yourself already.

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