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Reasons You Need a Water Softener for RV

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So you purchased your first RV; congratulations! This is such an exciting and fun purchase that will be able to create the best memories for you. Buying a motorhome allows you to easily travel virtually anywhere you want! As long as there’s a road that leads to it, there is a way to get there with an RV.

Although buying an RV can be an exhilarating experience, there actually is a lot that comes with owning an RV that many people might not actually know. The RV itself is just a mode of transportation to get you from point A to point B. Unfortunately, not many other accessories and appliances automatically come with the purchase of the motorhome.

These accessories that aren’t included in the big purchase of an RV are actually essential to safely and properly travel with the vehicle. After getting all the sewer, interior-related accessories, and other important essentials all covered, you gotta start thinking about what you need for the inside of the RV. When traveling, what’s a very important item you might think about? Your water supply!

The single most important thing when it comes to traveling in your RV is having a clean and steady water supply. This way, you are able to cook, clean, take showers, wash dishes, and drink the water from your RV with no issues. Think of your RV as an extension of your actual stationery home. You wouldn’t want dirty or unsafe water in your home, right? You don’t want that either when traveling in your RV.

You might be able to find a steady supply of water at the campgrounds you park at, but most of the available water there is considered hard water. Hard water is water that has high mineral content. This happens when water percolates through limestone, chalk, or gypsum deposits.

To combat this, you will need to get a water softener for your RV. You can find portable water softeners at most RV supply stores. If you don’t live close enough to an RV supply store, consider purchasing your water softener online at There, you can find different kinds of water softeners that will meet your needs.

Using water softeners is almost an essential part of RV traveling. There’s nothing worse than making a cup of coffee or trying to clean your clothes with hard water. Plus, softer water is overall better for your skin.

The water softener, once installed, actually removes the minerals from the water. An RV that is running with soft water is a happy RV, plus happy campers inside. The entire process of using these portable water softeners is extremely easy. Just hook it up to your water supply, add the required amount of salt, and it should only take up to 30 minutes, depending on your water softener to work.

If you deal with the hard water problem that is very common among campsites and RVs, you will never turn back once you’ve tried a water softener for RVs. Find a great selection at RV Upgrades.

Find Everything You Need at RV Upgrades

You can find all of these accessories for your RV’s water and much more at This online store specializes in everything RV, motorhome, or camper-related. If you’re a first-time RV owner looking for all the essentials or you’ve been driving your RV around the entire country, RVupgrades will have just about everything you’re looking for.

Give them a call at 866-332-7881 and they will be able to answer any questions you may have.

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