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Save Money, Shoot More

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Shooting can be an enjoyable pastime and offers outlets for other pursuits, such as competition and hunting.

But, it can be expensive. With that said, here are some ways to keep down the costs of shooting.

Shoot More Affordable Ammo

The precision of load data is critical for competition shooters, and some even choose to handload. Similarly, those who hunt or are training for self-defense shoot specifically tailored rounds with bullets that offer the proper balance of penetration, expansion, and energy transfer.

Buying the most affordable ammo is not practical in these situations.

But, for those who are simply plinking for the fun of it, or enjoying high-volume range therapy, there’s no reason to pay more for ammo.

Shoot a more affordable ammo where you can find it, or consider steel or aluminum-cased ammo like TulAmmo 9mm or Blazer Aluminum 9mm.

You can’t reload TulAmmo or CCI Blazer Aluminum 9mm, but if cost is your primary concern, who cares?

Buy in Bulk and Shop Deals

High-volume plinksters should also buy in bulk where possible as buying larger quantities is the simplest and easiest way to keep per-round costs down.

Also, be aware of deals or sales that your local gun shop is planning on offering. Shop these deals and save your purchases until you find a good price on your favorite ammo before pulling the proverbial trigger.

You should also shop online where possible, as often online retailers (such as Bucking Horse Outpost) run their own sales and promotions. Just because your local shop isn’t running a special doesn’t mean you can’t find one elsewhere.

Use a Speed Loader

For shooters that pay for range lanes on a time-based basis, consider investing in a speedloader.

Remember, you’re paying for time in that lane whether you spend that time talking to your range mate or actually shooting.

To that end, you’re paying to load your mags, which is the point.

Load your mags before visiting the range, and once you shoot through those, use a speedloader to reload them.

This will keep wasted time to a minimum so you can better ensure that you get what you pay for.

Where Legal, Shoot at State Ranges

Most state fish and game commissions operate and maintain hunter training ranges where licensed hunters (and sometimes, their guests) can shoot, for free.

Many of these state ranges allow shotguns, muzzleloaders, rimfire and centerfire rifles, and handguns.

Be aware of the regulations, but there is a good chance that if there is one near you, you can shoot there without any additional fees so long as you or someone you can bring with you has a hunting license.

And if not, you can take a hunter safety course, get your license, and pay a one-time fixed-yearly fee for the license that is basically carte blanche to shoot at the state range as much as you like.

Stop Shooting at Expensive Targets

Let’s talk about targets. These are the things you are literally shooting at and destroying with each range session.

Unless you’re competing and precise scoring is an inviolable imperative, why would you pay for the things you’re literally going to be shooting?

Do you know what works as well as paper targets? Paper plates and copy paper. With a compass or the bottom of a coffee can, you can create your own rings and spots.

They’re far more affordable and practical than purchased paper targets.

Repurpose and Upcycle

A range bag is nice to have and for some shooters, essential. But do you really need to buy a range bag?

Unlikely. There’s probably an old duffel or backpack somewhere in your house or garage that you can repurpose into a range bag.

That’ll cost you nothing – so you can spend more on rifle and handgun ammo. It’s a win-win.

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