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Sex during post-menopause life

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Postmenopausal sex life must be stellar since you do not have to worry about periods or getting pregnant or kids walking in. However, unfortunately, most people are not able to enjoy their sexual life during the post-menopausal life. This is due to factors that come with age. Nevertheless, there are some effective solutions that can get you ready once again to draw the most from your sexual life.

Sex during post-menopause life
The director of clinical services at the Sex and Gender Clinic Chris Kraft says regarding post-menopause sex, “While you may have greater freedom at home, this is also a stage of life with a lot of changes that can affect your intimacy.” He adds, “You’re redefining your roles and your relationship as the kids go off to college and your careers wind down. And you’re also physically changing.”

The drop in the levels of estrogen in the body during the menopause and after can impact your sexual life in a big way. This can lead to lowering of sexual desire, affect the vagina’s ability to stretch, vaginal dryness, and painful intercourse. Also due to aging, chronic illness and injuries can reduce your energy levels causing physical pain and a lower body image. All of these factors can impact your sexual life.

This does not mean that it is not possible to be intimate with your partner. You can resort to the use of some highly effective vaginal moisturizers, lubricants, and drugs and discover better ways of connecting with your partner.

Dhea vaginal cream
There are several effective remedies to some concerning sexual issues women face during the post-menopausal stage. For instance, products like Dhea vaginal cream can help cure vaginal dryness, painful sex and a lack of interest insex during the post-menopausal stage. There are several other benefits ensuing from the use of this cream as well.

Based on a highly innovative and successful formula, Dhea vaginal cream helps enhance the sexual function and improves sensitivity. Most experts call Dhea an anti-aging hormone and this is an important ingredient in this cream. When applied in the vaginal region, Dhea vaginal cream can act on the nerves seen in the fibers of vaginal wall and enhance the subject’s sensitivity to sexual stimulation during sexual intercourse. Also when the vaginal wall is stimulated, the subject’s libido increases and leads to increased sexual arousals, desire and lubrication. This is a great way to discover enhanced satisfaction from sex during the post-menopausal phase.

Take away
Sex is never inappropriate or impossible during any part of your life. It is necessary that you talk to your partner about the difficulties you face and sort out the issues with mutual cooperation. Learn about the different problems you might come across and the remedies found around you. Life is meant to be enjoyed in a happy way and to this end, you must explore the possibilities with regard to every aspect of your life. So, life your life to your heart’s content.

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