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Should the Maid of Honor Create the Bachelorette Gift Bags?

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How excited are you for the upcoming wedding of your bestie?! But, let’s be real here: as excited as you are for the wedding, you’re the most excited for the bachelorette party!

While the bachelorette party will indeed be filled to the brim with fun excursions, laughs, love, and bubbly drinks, there is no doubt that this party is a big deal. It is a chance for the bridesmaids to bond while celebrating the bride prior to her big day. Plus, it is easily the best way to commemorate the bride’s singlehood coming to a glorious end.

That is why planning a bachelorette party is so important– and that includes all the big and small details. Arguably one of the most important pieces to the bachelorette puzzle, however, has to be the bachelorette gift bags.

There is a lot of controversy over what should go in bachelorette gift bags but more so on who should be creating and bringing them. We believe that the maid of honor should be the one to give out the gift bags at the bachelorette party– and here’s why.

Surprise to the Bridesmaids and the Bride
Who doesn’t love to receive unexpected gifts? This is the perfect opportunity to surprisingly show the bridesmaids and the bride how special they really are and how worthy they are of receiving such thoughtful and kind gifts!

Properly Show Appreciation to All
Wedding planning is the opposite of a small feat. It took a whole lot from team bride to get to this point: time, money, patience, support, and much more. There were a ton of things that they each needed to sacrifice (and will continue to do so until the big day), so a small token of appreciation like these gift bags will truly go a long way.

She Knows Everyone Best (after the Bride, of Course)
The bride does indeed know everyone in her party the best, but she shouldn’t have to worry about planning nearly anything for her bachelorette party– and that includes putting together these gift bags– because she is simply too busy planning her wedding!

That is another reason why this particular task should fall on the shoulders of the maid of honor. She also knows everyone extremely well and will be able to get the job done efficiently without burdening the bride too much, if at all.

Practical and Thoughtful Gifts– Without Bothering the Bride
These gifts are not only thoughtful but are also practical! The maid of honor can strategically place bachelorette party favors in these gift bags for all to use throughout the bachelorette party and even the wedding later! These include wine tumblers, tote bags, makeup bags, hair ties, and other bachelorette-themed goodies.

However, these gifts do take time to put together just right– and that is time that the bride does not have. As the maid of honor, you should be the one to absolve her of any time-consuming projects that you possibly can, which is why you should be the one to take this off her plate.

If you are looking for the best ideas for adding to your bachelorette gift bags, be sure to check out the offerings over at Samantha Margaret! They have an abundance of high-quality, low-cost bachelorette and wedding party favors for all. Cheers, babe!

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