Monday, December 11, 2023

Should You Upgrade, Build, or Buy Your Gaming PC Online?

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Gaming has become the new socialization arena, and gaming PCs are quickly turning into a necessity similar to that of smartphones. One would think that portability would be the be-all-end-all factor in deciding whether desktop computers could become extinct in the near future.

The reason for our resistance to dropping our bulky custom gaming PCs is that no matter how powerful smartphone and laptop components get, there will always be a big boy desktop version that dwarfs them in terms of performance and value.

Moreover, the level of customization gaming PCs offer cannot be matched by portable devices as most of their components are practically soldered to each other. Opening your laptop chassis immediately voids any warranty from the manufacturer, taking away any incentive users might have for upgrading even the simplest components, such as RAM sticks or hard drives. Unless we’re talking about big brand pre-built hardware, desktop computers can be opened up and upgraded to our heart’s content without having to worry about warranties in most cases.

But the big question is, should you slowly upgrade your current desktop, build it piece by piece, or just buy a brand new gaming PC online?

The first two options used to give you the most bang for your buck not so long ago.

Upgrading Your Old PC
Generally, you could squeeze a few more years out of your old PC by changing some of its components. You can increase your RAM capacity, upgrade your hard drive to SSD for faster load times, or switch to a more powerful GPU to keep up with modern gaming standards. However, changing your CPU usually cascades into major changes as it mostly means taking the whole thing apart. Newer processor architectures often require matching motherboards that, in turn, can accept better RAM. If you go down this road, it might make more sense to build a new custom gaming PC from the ground up.

Building a Gaming PC
This has been how the ancient race of gamers have made sure their computers are in top shape for generations upon generations (not really, only for a few decades but the point stands).

Building a gaming PC is one of the most rewarding activities out there. Putting your rig together from scratch allows you to pick precisely the parts you want, guaranteeing the performance you´re looking for. But there are some problems with this approach. Apart from the obvious technical knowledge required to put the parts together correctly, finding the right parts at the right price is an endeavor that could take weeks, or even months. Even in an age where you can buy parts for your gaming PC online by just performing a few searches, getting exactly what you need is not as easy as it sounds. Then there is the problem of building the PC which can take a whole weekend to pull off, and the possibility that one of the parts might be defective.

Buying A Gaming PC Online
Fortunately for us, you can now buy completely customized gaming PCs online and have them shipped immediately. Online system integrators like specialize in building custom gaming PCs for gamers and content creators without any of the hassle or guesswork. They have all the best components in one place and will guide you through the whole building process, offering smart recommendations to maximize performance and value. Their automated online customization gives you incredible flexibility for choosing core components, performance services, and changes to the look and feel of your new gaming rig.

Visit them today and start building your gaming PC online now.

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