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Signs that your SEO company is doing more harm than good to your website

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Implementing black hat tactics can do more harm to your website than any good in the long run. SEO companies can exploit your ignorance of how SEO works and can mislead you into believing them. If they implement black hat techniques, it can lead to the penalizing and downgrading of your website on the search engines, ultimately falsifying the very purpose of SEO. So, while equipping yourself with some basic knowledge about SEO, it is important to know what your SEO company is doing on your site to know if things are going right. Here are the signs that probably your SEO company is not doing the right job.

Not showing anything to you

If the company has nothing to show about the practices they are implementing on your site as part of their SEO mission, probably they are not into the job or the job is not going in the right track. They must at least be able to show you the reports of the SEO audit on your site, analytics of your site’s link profile, optimized content, articles with links that are published on other sites. The point here is to know if they are really doing something and have a proof of what they are doing.

They are not asking anything from you

If the SEO company you have contracted is really on the job, they will need your help from time to time. They might ask you to give the admin access to your CMS, access to Google Analytics, webmaster tools, social accounts, target keywords and past audits or penalties. If they have not asked for any of these things, it means probably they are not doing anything on your site at all other than just adding some useless links from spammy sites, which can ultimately harm your site’s performance.

They do not suggest anything for improvement

If the SEO company you are confiding is not telling you to do some things, probably they are doing something suspicious or not doing anything at all. Unreliable SEO firms will do nothing more than pointing a bunch of link backs to your website. If they make genuine recommendations for the improvement of traffic to your site, it can mean they are catching up with the right practices in SEO for your website.

Not sharing their techniques with you

To find out if things are going on right with regard to your site’s SEO, ask the SEO experts what actually they are doing. They cannot do anything that they say is confidential and need not be disclosed to you. If they say the industry does not permit them to disclose anything to you, probably they are trying to hide the fact that they are not working or implementing the wrong practices. In short, if they give a vague answer or seek an excuse from answering you on the grounds that you lack the necessary technical knowledge to understand them, you need to review your choice and move on to a reliable and accomplished SEO services Alberta.

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