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Some Interesting Things To Do In The Amazon River

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When you book for Luxury Amazon River Cruises, one of the most exciting expeditions of a lifetime awaits you. What you can do in the Amazon River is literally endless and depends on the itinerary and activities planned by the cruise provider you choose. However, here are a few very interesting things you might get to enjoy on the Amazon River during your cruise.

Interacting with the jungle community
If you stop by the local villagers’ community, you get to meet the San Francisco Jungle Community that lives there for several generations. Children at the schoolhouse greet you cordially as they love entertaining visitors. You can also buy the crafts made by the village folk and support the locals.

Explore the jungle
Near the Marañon River, the eco-system is quite unique and highly interesting. If you happen to visit during mornings or evenings, you will find the wild life active. Exploring the jungle here will let you learn a lot about the Amazon eco-system, local villages and a long list of medicinal plants.

Pacaya-Samiria Reserve
Pacaya-Samiria Reserve is sure to thrill bird-lovers with more than 450 species of birds, more than 100 species of mammals, and around `130 species of reptiles and amphibians besides a large collection of plants. Around 13 species of primates inhabit this reserve. This is the largest wetland reserve in the world.

Island of the Iguanas
The Island of Iguanas situated near the Marañon River is a very interesting place as this is a popular destination to catch and release fish. You get to watch piranhas very closely.

Rio Ucayali
Wild life lovers will find the Rio Ucayali a wonderful place to watch the wildlife along the Amazon River. You can find gray river dolphins and Amazon pink dolphins near the shore by the boat. This area is surrounded by rainforest and presents abundant opportunities to watch birds, sloths and monkeys. You will also find giant water lilies. Watching the fishing bats in the evenings will be a thrilling sight.

Ubos Lake
Home of piranha fishing, the Ubos Lake is where the visitors can catch piranha for their dinner.

Yanayacu/Pucate Rivers
The Yanayacu and Pucate rivers seen beautifully diverting into lagoons and creeks are known for their bio-diversity and are some top attractions of Amazon River cruises. Some tours provide stand up paddle or kayaking to get the firsthand feel of the beauty of this place.

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