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Some Metal Roofing FAQs you must know

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Metal roofs are not new to us. They are around us for quite some time. Predominantly chosen for commercial roofing installations, off late they have become a highly preferred choice for homes too. Metal roofs have an overwhelming number of advantages and hence they make a viable and durable roofing option across a number of challenging installation scenarios. When you have decided to go for metal roof replacing your existing roof or in a new roofing installation environment, you are making one of the best decisions for your building that can give the best value for your investment. Here are few metal roof FAQs you must know.

Will metal roofs impact the cell phone receptivity inside the home?
They never affect cell phone signal. This is proven in a number of commercial buildings where metal roofs are the one and only option and where a large number of people work and use their cell phones.

What is the effect of lightening on metal roofs?
Metal roofs neither create nor attract lightening. It does not pose any lightening hazard to the structure that it covers.

What is the effect of hails on metal roofs?
Metal roofs are sturdy and do not get easily damaged under hails and storms. In the event of damage due to hail, a number of roofing material suppliers give warranties that can cover the cost of repairs. The damages in metal roofs can be set right easily and a new panel can be capped on it to bestow the earlier looks.

Will rains produce heavy noise on metal roofs?
The textures and folds incorporated in the metal roofs help minimize the noise due to rains. Ventilation and attic air space also help minimize the noise levels. If you still feel the rain noise concerning on your metal roofs, you can achieve sound deadening by inserting a foam behind the metal shingles.

How does fire affect metal roofs?
Metal roofs are more fire resistant than any other roofing option. They can in fact provide the best protection against external fires. Over and above, the low weight nature of metal roofs help minimize the cave-in threat occurring during interior house fires.

Will metal roofs heat up the interiors quickly?
No metal roofs in fact have a culling effect on the building interiors. Best quality metal roofs come with a reflective metal coating that can help bounce the heat from the sun away from your house. Any Florida roofing contractor will tell you that metal roofs help reduce the cost of heating and cooling energy per year by 20%.

Can metal roofs be laid on asphalt shingles?
Yea metal roofs can be installed on asphalt shingles. Laying the metal roofs over the existing roof helps add strength to the roof, minimize the waste that needs to be dumped in landfills, and the expenses of the tear off you need to carry out before laying the new metal sheets. Laying metal roof over existing asphalt roof can be a money saving exercise and does not pose any structural risk.

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